Yakutia is the base of the UFO

January 13, 2012 14:01

Top of the boiler looks like an iron arch
Scientists have found traces of an unknown civilization, science
In the Yakut taiga base found an unknown civilization — a giant metal "boilers", covering the entrances to the underground base of newcomers.
Yakuts call this legendary place Elyuyu cherkecheh, which means "Valley of Death."
Old people consider it taboo: "In the winter under the boiler heat in the summer, and people who spend the night in them, will inevitably go to the" celestial deer herd … "
— In the valley creepy — tells Yakutian ethnographer Aytalina Nikiforov. — Trees are dead, black, around marshes. As the ancient legend, in the midst of the land of swamps appears flattened arch, under which is a set of metal rooms. Inside, even during severe frosts Yakut warm as summer. Curious hunters came in, even sleeping in the premises, but then getting very sick and died.


On the same place in the XIX century geographer Richard Maack wrote: "On the banks of the river Agly timirnit, which means" big pot drowned, "the giant pot of copper. The value is unknown, because the ground is only visible to the edge. "

Diameter of 10 meters flooded boiler
In the early twentieth century scholar of ancient cultures Nikolai Arkhipov also recorded information about these strange objects: "The population of the basin Viluy There is a tradition from ancient times to the presence of the upper reaches of the river huge bronze boilers olguev. Tradition that deserves attention, as it is expected to locate areas of mythical boilers dated several rivers with the Yakut Olguydah name, which means "where there are boilers."
Locals claim that the opening of the cap-hemispheres once in a hundred years digging poles and balls of fire directed daemon Wat Tong Usumu Duuray.
Is a power plant boiler is hidden? But what kind of civilization — ancient terrestrial or extraterrestrial — belongs to the reactor?
In the 30 years of the twentieth century villager Syuldyukar Savvinov spent the night with her granddaughter in the "iron house." They found flattened reddish arch, where the helical passage was a lot of metal rooms.

Scheme in the context of the bunker
In 1971, to document the evidence of the old hunter-Evenki that in watershed Nyurgun Bootur ("Hercules") and Ataradak ("Shibko large triangular iron fortress") is iron burrow in which "are thin, black-eyed people iron clothes. " Is this the aliens in space suits? A hopper their earthly base?
Historians and archaeologists have always wanted to solve the riddle Viliui boilers. From year to year, attempts to find them in Death Valley. But they were unsuccessful. None of the researchers could not come close to solving the mystery of boilers — they just could not find it!
Lucky last year alone — a Czech traveler Ivan Matskerle finally found them!
Aytalina Nikiforov took part in his expedition. It was very difficult.

Ivan Matskerle
— Area of the Valley of Death huge — says Aytalina. — Search in the forest and marshes boilers — is like a needle in a haystack. But Ivan gave a brilliant idea: to circumnavigate the area to paramotor — parachuted from motors. And just a 3-4 day expedition, they found a strange circle with a surprisingly smooth, crisp edges, powdered with snow. Snow melted almost anywhere in the forest, but in the wrong place — a clear, precise terms in the snow. Found and followed the second. Fixed location on the satellite navigator, and then got to the place on foot. And surprise — the snow was priporosheny metal boilers!
— Before leaving to Yakutia Ivan turned to Czech clairvoyant — said Aytalina. — They had a very specific interest — to find out the location of geopathic zones on the map Vilyui district. Clairvoyant shows four points on the map, but after that, she Ivan taken aback and said, "You're going there for his death!" Ivan did not listen: after so much time and money was vbuhali this expedition, which was nowhere to retreat! But just in case, taken with a metal amulet in the form of multiple triangles resembling a Star of David. And hit the road.
And the very next day after the discovery of Ivan boilers Matskerle suddenly felt unwell:
— I woke up this morning and felt like I was dizzy and began to lose consciousness. Pressure and heart were right, but I like it was in a state of extreme intoxication. We waited day, but my condition did not improve. When we left the area, I, as if by magic, just feel better …
Yet much remains unknown: that the metal used for the mysterious boiler? Why do people who have experienced the impact on themselves, much sick and even die? And what kind of civilization belong beings created these giants?
The second found a boiler is completely gone under.
This summer they intend to answer complex ethnographic research expedition. Its members — historians, archaeologists, physicists — will be equipped in suits made of fabric that protects astronauts in space. This will be the first comprehensive scientific study of boilers in Death Valley. It plans to take part and journalists "Life."
In the archives of the National Library is a letter by Mikhail Koretsky from Vladivostok, who claimed that he found seven of these boilers:
"I have been there three times. Death Valley stretches along the right tributary Vilyuy. In fact, this whole chain of valleys along its floodplain. As for the mysterious objects, them there's probably a lot, because in three seasons we've seen seven of these boilers. They all seem to me quite puzzling: first, the size of 6 to 9 feet in diameter. Secondly, made of unknown metal. The fact that the boilers does not take even a sharpened chisel (tried more than once). Metal does not break off and not forged. Even on a steel hammer necessarily would have left noticeable dents. And on top of the metal is covered with a layer of unknown material resembling sandpaper. But this is not the oxide film does not scale — it is also not skolot or scratching. "
"Outgoing into the ground water wells, facilities, referred to in local legends, — says Michael Koretsky. — We have not seen. But I noticed that the vegetation around the boiler anomaly — not like the one that grows around. It is more lush: large-leaved burdock, very long vines, strange grass taller than a man and a half to two times. In one of the boilers we slept the entire group (six people). "
"Nothing bad is felt, went quietly, without any untoward incidents. But one in three months completely lost all his hair, and I have on the left side of the head (I slept on it), there are three little sore the size of a match head each. I treated them all my life, but to date has not passed. "
"All our attempts to break off at least a piece of strange boilers — shows Koretsky — have failed. The only thing that I could carry, — a stone. But it is not easy — half perfect ball six inches in diameter. He was black, had no visible signs of treatment, but was very smooth as polished. I picked it up from the ground in one of the boilers. He then lay in my house doing nothing, until you need to insert the glass in the window, and there was no glass cutter. I myself tried to scrape the edge (face) half of this stone ball — it appeared that he cuts glass with surprising ease. After that my discovery many times used as a diamond, all the relatives and friends. Now no one knows what had happened to the stone … "

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