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January 18, 2013 16:40

What awaits us after death? And that — in the near future? What is the history of the Earth and the origin of man? Each of us at least once in a lifetime interest, these and other burning questions. and the purpose of the book series "The Chronicles of Nibiru: 2012" — to answer them and fundamentally change the way many people about the events connected with the end of the world in 2012, the invasion of creatures from the planet Nibiru, the transition of humanity into the fourth dimension, parallel worlds, and immortality of the soul , as apocalyptic. At first glance, these questions belong to different areas of knowledge, but in fact they are in close contact with each other and even inseparable.

New history of the old world

Arrives to Earth Space Missions Nephilim and establishes production of gold, with which you can prevent the threat hanging over their home planet Nibiru. To replace the mines rebellious workers Nephilim, Nephilim scientists produce bio-robots capable of hard physical labor. Two individuals bots released for relatively independent of watching them and providing knowledge — as emerging independent from the creators of civilization. But on the way children Nephilim — those biorobots, self-realized people, more removed from nature and the laws of these gods. As punishment, the creators did not warn earthlings about ryaduschih shifts Earth's poles, the water goes Lemuria, followed by Atlantis. Panicked residents of the islands run on pristine land areas and provide them new states. Nephilim come here once again (this happens every 3600 Earth years, when their planet is approaching Earth for the minimum distance) and see: the lack of spirituality devours people everywhere raging war on the planet to spread the infection. To save those who live by the universal moral law, the creators of infection and eliminate hotbeds of debauchery — Sodom and Gomorrah and many other thriving "city and, disappointed, returned to Nibiru. People are once again beginning to rebuild their city, bled internecine conflict and re-arrival waiting creators.

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The man from the planet Nibiru

Human life, in my opinion — is the fate of mosaic, woven into Infinity. The main character lives several lives, changing the form, at different times, times, on different planets, trying to achieve perfection. Author, spending hero through many trials, tests, will the love by the lifeline that keeps afloat the life cycle, and keep a man his "I", opening the window of a stuffy room in the earthly life of boundless eternity of heaven. Past and future, life and death — are synonyms mystery, elusive and alluring. Let it be said that these mysteries are incomprehensible: read the book and check back!

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Yuri Ladnov, 2011

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