Zenit began negotiating the purchase of Arshavin

"Zenith" has started to negotiate the purchase of ArshavinAs reported in the British source «The Times», football club from the northern capital of Russia "Zenith" seriously targeted the acquisition of captain of the football team of Russia Andrei Arshavin and officially made the offer "arsenal" of buying the player.

Arsenal and he do not mind to sell the player, because Andrew is not a young player and passion in his game is not seen, even by the Russians had lost the confidence of head coach of the club, which resulted to a player losing a place at the heart of the club last season, and he quarreled with some players. Guide "Gunners" sees no reason to keep Arshavin at the club, but also to sell the player for a song is not going to, it is reported that the "Arsenal" is ready to part with the player for compensation in the amount of 10-11 million pounds (bought from the same player "Zenith "In 2009, over 16 million pounds).

Arshavin contract with "Arsenal" will expire at the end of season 2012/2013, if the "Arsenal" will not be able to sell the Russians in this transfer window in January 2013 Arshavin can begin negotiations with other clubs about transfer to another club as a "free agent" .

As you know, Andrei Arshavin the second half of the season playing for the St. Petersburg "Zenith" on the rights of the lease agreement, played the 10 matches and marked three goals in the opponents' goal, "Zenith" has cost rental player "Zenith" of 1 million pounds. In the new season Arshavin appeared on the field in a T "Gunners" in the first round and spent 14 minutes in the game.

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