10 of the most horrific sights of the planet


Tourists love to tickle their nerves. They curiously go on excursions to plague alleys and torture chambers, photographed for memory stuffed Pavlov's dog and preserved in alcohol heads unabiding citizens of Vienna … The scary thing is that it is unclear. It is terrible that happens as a result of human vanity. It is terrible that created hands of an evil genius or a madman. It is terrible that survived since the Dark Ages …

1. Museum of Pathology. Austria, Vienna
In the world there are dozens of museums, which exhibits not for the faint of heart. Cabinet of Curiosities, Mutter Museum of Medical History in Philadelphia, and many others. Vienna Museum of Pathology among them — the most famous, a real monument of pathologies, deformities, gene mutations and harsh medieval medicine. The second name of the museum — Tower of fools. The fact that the museum is housed in a former psychiatric hospital, in prison for lunatics. The most hardened and cynical tourists traveled the world in search of the coveted adrenalin will certainly agree — it's really scary.

2. Ossuary. Sedlec, Czech Republic
The plague has left a lot of evidence of his ruthless business. Several centuries ago, a large part of Europe turned into one big necropolis. At a time when another cemetery crowded bones had dug out of the ground and impromptu warehouses. In many European provincial towns are still inundated basements chapels skulls of victims of the epidemic. Ossuary in the Czech Republic — a special warehouse in See also:
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XVIII century to the analysis of "medieval heritage" came up with a fantasy and absolute cynicism. Known at the time woodcarver created for the Prince of Schwarzenberg interior design, which consisted entirely of bones. Most impressive wall of neatly stacked skulls, but Schwarzenberg coat of arms collected from the bones, too few people indifferent.

3. Paris Catacombs, France
It would seem, Paris catacombs — the beaten tourist path, no mysticism and mystery remain, however, did not happen. However, even before the beginning of the tour in memory of Victor Hugo's novels will rise from their caves and depressing atmosphere. The catacombs are under the whole of Paris, however, only a small portion is open for tours. The rest of day and night patrols underground police, not for the sake of the protection of the catacombs (to steal there, nothing but bones), but for the sake of protection of curious tourists. There are legends about ghosts, monsters and blind madmen, for several generations are not coming out into the light. Nonsense, is not it? Now tell me, what a civilized country, in this case, spend a lot of money for the maintenance of a special police service?

4. Auschwitz-Birkenau. Auschwitz, Poland
In the former Auschwitz death camp, which killed more than 4 million people, created the State Museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Entrance to the museum — through the famous gates, captured in hundreds of war movies. Next — brick blocks, in which the prisoners lived. In a shock lead exposure, for example, the things taken away by the Nazis from their victims. In the nearby Birkenau camp, there is no exposure, the state of the camp left unchanged since the war.

5. Museum of Torture. Mdina, Malta
There are many famous museums of torture — in Prague, The Hague, Amsterdam … However, the worst is a museum in the city of Mdina, which brought a huge collection of guillotines, tweezers for pulling out nails and other instruments of torture. In addition, the use of inquisitorial arsenal demonstrate naturalistic, almost too naturalistic wax figures.

6. Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, CA
This is the house filmed a lot of movies, hundreds of stories told. It was built by Sarah Winchester, heiress of the armory. Because of the terrible prophecy, or for some other reason, she went crazy. House — the fruit of her crazy fantasies. It's huge and terrible, healthy people simply can not grasp the intentions that guided the lady in the forty-year construction period. It is believed that the house is full of ghosts and other mischief, but even if you do not believe poltergeist, the madness of Sarah Winchester certainly make an impression.

7. Dracula's Castle. Transylvania, Romania
The medieval castle of the famous vampire is on the very edge of the precipice. Through close passages, dark rooms and echoing stone stairs you walk into the bedroom, where the vast four-poster bed a vampire sucking the blood of their victims. But even if the stories about Dracula are not inclined to believe you, you awful reality is unlikely to please. After all, in this castle lived one of the most heinous of medieval people, Vlad Lacerator, impaled many hundreds of innocent people. And you say "fairy tale" …

8. Gulag, Russia
Through the Gulag, with twenty years of its existence, millions of people have passed. In the camps were set difficult conditions, without basic human rights are respected, applied severe penalties for minor breaches of the regime. Was extremely high mortality from starvation, disease and overwork. And now, at Solovki under the northern sky you can see the deserted barracks, galleries, warehouses and lockups with the clothes of prisoners and shaved hair.

9. Museum of executions. Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, Paris
Another museum belongs to the galaxy of the worst museums in the world. Its founder is familiar with the subject firsthand — he served as a butcher for more than ten years. The museum contains tools executions of all time, and if at first you feel the most terrible huge guillotine, I suggest you look closely — much worse can be instruments of smaller, more invisible and harmless at first glance …

10. Death Valley, Tibet
This trail lies at some distance from the famous pilgrim route around Mount Kailash. Field strewn with the bones of the Valley of Death — go here to die of yoga, go here for inspiration, purification and acquisition of secret knowledge. That's just not all come back and not in the mental state in which the left: it is believed that in the Valley of death the soul passes a kind of court, and a senseless or sinful life is cut short.

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