12.12.12 American carved on the back of his son sacred symbol!

12.12.12, the day would have to be the enlightenment of all people, individual, it seems, it's clouding his mind. American Troy Brent Bartel, once it was the long-awaited date, office knife cut on the back of his son sacred symbol …

Suspect Brent Troy Bartel himself called the emergency services 911 and said that "shed innocent blood." When the manager found out that his son has suffered, and asked about the causes of the accident, was a sadist to talk about their superstitions.

"This is a sacred day," — commented on the motive of the massacre Brent Bartel.

Incident report in the house Bartel was obtained at 0:10, that is, the head of the family already crippled child in the first few minutes of December 12, 2012. This date, which consists of three identical combinations of numbers (this only happens once in a century), causes superstitious fear in people ecstatic and mentally unstable. Some predicted this day to end. Apparently, one of those who are in awe of the rare combination of calendar-digit, and the father of the child victim.

Overwhelmed mystical moods, his father cut on the boy's back pentagram (five-pointed star). This character is often used neo-pagans and Satanists.

Add that to the emergency services was made two calls about the incident. Mother of the victim boy also dialed 911, while in the neighbor's house. She said her husband is "torturing son."

Arrived on the scene the police saw the boy, who was standing in the middle of the room in pajama pants, but no top. Across the back of the child was made the bleeding pattern. Near the police found a stationery knife, which is likely, and used criminal. The victim was hospitalized at Cooks Children's Hospital. Six year old boy's life is out of danger.

The incident shocked the police. "This is something that can be seen in the movies, but it is impossible to imagine in real life," — said the police sergeant Nathan Stringer.
Brent Bartel taken into custody on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He is being held in jail Quad-Cities in North Richland Hills with the right to a bail of 500 thousand dollars.


Nowhere at all to go out on December 21 and will not leave the family home, and you do not recommend.
I repeat once again: END OF THE WORLD WILL NOT! No need to head score by shit!
Sorry for the bad language.


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