17-meter-long whale found dead herring in British coast

On the coast of Lynmouth, in Devon, UK fishermen discovered the second largest animal in the world — a rather rare whale, or, as it is called, herring whale, which, unfortunately, was already dead.

Huge whale, whose length was about 17 meters and weight — about 80 tons, while for some reason jumped on the coast in such a picturesque area and lay dead on the beach for two days before he was seen by local residents.

Currently, coastal rescue services are thinking of how to get the huge carcass of a dead animal, which is an endangered species and that somehow tragically died off the coast of Lynmouth.

Herring whales inhabit the southern hemisphere, but the small settlement, known to inhabit the North Atlantic.

These unusual mammal is the second largest animal after blue whales and can reach a length of up to 26 meters.


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