1958. Project Collie. Robot cyborg USSR!

1958 — the height of the Cold War, the arms race and the beginning of a top-secret Soviet project by creating a robotic cyborg. Mass specialists in all areas has been involved in it. And the bottom line is that in a fully mechanical robot body to put the pilot's head, which would have ruled him out!

The end of the 50s — early 60s of the last century was a time of significant achievements in the field of scientific experiments around the world, including the Soviet Union. In those years, Soviet scientists began their experiments on animals. A series of such experiments carried out at the University of Moscow and the Academy of Sciences. Already in 1950, Russian scientist Vladimir Demidov surprised the world by grafting one dog's head on the body of the other. Two-headed dog lived for a month.

With the onset of the Cold War, the efforts of Soviet science was used to create the perfect weapon. In 1958 he was created by the Soviet secret project to create a robotic cyborg. Scientific consultant of the project was the winner of the Nobel V.Manuilov. Project team and designers, doctors and engineers. Mice, rats and dogs were used for the experiments in which scientists have been trying to figure out their safety for humans. The monkeys were also seen in the experiments, but were eventually chosen dogs because they make it easier to train and they were quieter. Therefore, this project was named "Collie", and has existed for almost 10 years. January 4, 1969 by the decree of the Central Committee of the project "Collie" was closed and all data on it are classified.

in 1991, these data have been declassified.

Please take this article as a PROBABLE, because as more information on the project, "Collie" is not found. Maybe it's a duck, but maybe not. If you find more evidence or rebuttal — please add them in the comments.


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