1970. Bilderberg. The idea of the global matrix G-Matrix

Recently, in the private collection of a former diplomat and a permanent member of the unofficial organization: Bilderberg George McGee were discovered documents from which it follows that in 1970 the Club of Rome intended to use the idea of the global matrix (G-Matrix), to impose a way of thinking people, in which the protection of the environment and the need to control the world's population would be perceived by all as basic human values.

The author of the document found — an Italian, founder of the Club of Rome's Aurelio Peccei. In this paper, he wrote that the findings of the club "are largely based on the use of the global matrix management". He further wrote that the findings of this unknown people of the club like ours (including the conclusion of the need to reduce the population of the planet) can be perceived by people only during the repeats, and a significant global impact. Through this process of humanity "gradually be able to reach agreement on an appropriate value-base and avoid the grim prospect of the future".

"Development of the Club of Rome is based on the use of the global matrix. Necessary to proceed to a discussion of concrete steps to build and use this template. "

The document also says that the club was trying to all sectors of society have accepted and agreed with the findings published in the report in the early 70s.

"It should be noted that such acceptance and agreement is a" starting point "for further evolution of the Club of Rome's Project" — Aurelio wrote in 1970.

"This is only an example of value base. Its versatility, reliability and validity depends on an assessment of survey participants Delphi method. However, it will attempt to describe thoroughly and professionally "The problems of mankind." The more groups will endeavor to resolve such intellectual tasks, the importance of greater rigor acquire dialogue on global problems of humanity. "

"The problems of humanity" according to the report include "growing cultural, economic and technological gap between nations, ominous growth of the population in the limited space of the planet, the phenomenon of youth rebellion, to cross the threshold beyond which it will be possible to manipulate the genetic material of a person."

Models and systems used by the Club of Rome to predict the future course of events, have also been used, and China to establish a brutal one-child policy. In 1978, a group of Chinese scientists visited several scientific conferences in Europe and willingly took on the ideas of the Club of Rome. Among the members of this delegation was a man credited with the introduction of the very one-child policy, because of which the people of China have suffered in recent decades.

A senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy Robert Zubrin in his article in The Washington Post confirms that the one-child policy in China is the embodiment of one of the ideas of the Club of Rome:

"In June 1978 responsible for the development of monitoring systems for control of Chinese missiles Song Jian traveled to Helsinki for an international conference on the theory and design of control systems. While in Finland, he received a copy of the report of the Club of Rome's "Limits to Growth: A Survival Project," which promotes the theory of Thomas Malthus. He also met with some Europeans, who strongly supported the statement used in the methods of computer analysis and modeling to predict the future of humanity, "- writes Zubrin.

As an illustration of how to develop a model of the global matrix is well suited the Club of Rome report "The First Global Revolution," published in 1991. The report contains a description of what has been coined as a common denominator, the common goal around which would unite the whole world.

"In searching for a new enemy that would unite us, we came up with the idea that this role will suit the ideas of pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortage, drought and other things. All these dangers are the result of human activity. This can be overcome only by changing the attitudes and behavior of people. Therefore, the real enemy — is humanity itself ", — the report says.

The idea of the global matrix imposed by the agreement is an example of how deep the deception was able to settle in our minds that a few years ago no one even wondered about its validity.



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