2 new complex of pyramids have been found in Egypt!

Angela Micol, participant in the project Google Earth Anomalies, found in Egypt, new, previously undiscovered pyramid complexes.

If the method is used to find objects relied largely on aerial photographs, the progress of the development of mankind has come to the aid of satellite photography. Today, almost everyone can feel like an archaeologist. All you need to do — a computer with Internet access, as well as curiosity, attention and patience.

Because of these qualities, and knowledge in the field of history, a participant of the project Google Earth Anomalies Angela Micol (Angela Micol) found for two alleged pyramid complex in Egypt using the program Google Earth.

The first is located near the oasis Fayyumskogo and consists of three small mounds, as well as a truncated pyramid width of about 42 meters.

Color mounds similar to the color of the walls of the ancient town of Dima, located less than three kilometers to the south-east, and may have the same composition and origin, says the author of discovery. Dima surrounded by a wall of mud brick thickness of about five and a height of about ten meters.

Founded in the III century BC on the site of the ancient settlement of King Ptolemy II Philadelphus, this city is known for the temple of the Ancient Egyptian god of water and spill — Sobek.

About 150 kilometers to the south, in the historical region of Upper Egypt, there is a second putative complex of ancient buildings.

It includes two large mound width of about 80 meters, as well as two small width of 30 meters. In addition, in this place is an unusual triangular shaped hill width of 200 meters.

With images already familiar famous Egyptologist Nabil Selim (Nabil Selim). The expert praised the find, confirming its archaeological value. So, Professor Selim noted that the small 30-meter high mounds similar to those that were built during the reign of the thirteenth dynasty.

The creators of the project Google Earth Anomalies write about themselves as an organization that provides assistance to archaeologists, using survey the planet's surface from satellites.

"These images speak for themselves — says Micol. — In these areas will definitely keep a lot of secrets that can be learned only in the context of the archaeological expedition. "

Although, according to Angela, modern technology can greatly facilitate and accelerate the discovery of unexplored corners of the planet, in archeology remains the same thing — the need for personal involvement in the excavations.
"My dream — to work with archaeologists in the places that I discovered while studying satellite images. After detection — this is only the first step towards understanding the mysteries of the past, "- says Micol.

Add that Angela Micol is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), and for many years engaged in archeology. Among its other findings remains of the ancient city, located near the Yucatan Peninsula and flooded by the sea.


And would it be good if any one thing. I could not find the origin of data on the network pyramid complexes. It's very strange, because this is important evidence that this discovery is not fake. I will try to look for the information, maybe something will pop up with the times. If you find yourself — leave the coordinates in the comments.


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