20 U.S. patents celebrities!

U.S. Office of Patents and Trademark Office has issued in its history of more than 8,000,000 patents, so it is not surprising that some of them could wormed inventions made by human beings, who dedicated their lives to the art or entertainment crowd — from the magnificent writer Kurt Vonnegut, King of pop music Michael Jackson before Paula Abdul.

Decorative box for school breakfast. Author — Lawrence Welk, American television personality and accordionist, creator of "champagne music", popular in the middle of the last century. Take a closer look: his notion indeed reminiscent of fur.

Now we know what he did Francis Ford Coppola, When not filming landmark films! Turns out, he came up with a T-shirt, broken down by sector, to finally be explained mom where in the back of the scratch. It remains only to avoid confusion.

Julie Newmar was the first Catwoman in Batman television series of the sixties. She tailored a suit, which was to emphasize its finely chiselled figure. This, apparently, was not limited to: Actress patented tights, designed to flatter a woman's abdomen and round buttocks.

Boxer Jack Johnson the first African-Americans became world champion in the heavyweight division. Known as the love of racing and gluttony to the female. Some of these hobbies (I think the second) brought him to prison. There's nothing else to do, Jack modified the wrench to tighten it was convenient bolts of different sizes. I bet you have at home is the same, but you have no idea who invented it.

The brilliant actor Steve McQueen was not only one of Hollywood's most prominent anti-heroes of the sixties and seventies. Spoke of him as a very decent auto and motorcycle racer, he was competing with himself Mario Andretti. Hence his wheelchair basket racing cars with four-point seat belt anchors.

Well, it does not have to be surprised. Harry Houdini was a notable inventor. His patent describes a diving suit, which can be removed quickly if something goes wrong. Or if you need to show the focus of disguise. By the way, you can wear a suit without the help of assistants.

Starlet of the golden era of cinema Hedy Lamarr had not only pretty face. Together with composer George Antheil, she invented "secret communication system". The duo was going to surprise the audience with remote play a musical instrument, but in the end it turned out the system with frequency hopping, which protected the radio-controlled torpedoes from enemy interference. It was used by the U.S. during the blockade of Cuba, and now put into service by mobile operators. Here's a Hollywood!

One of the greatest satirists Metagalaxy Kurt Vonnegut really wanted to commit suicide, but gradually, and therefore was a heavy smoker. And so he got tired to clean up, he offered to provide her rod that comes out of the mouth without disturbing tobacco, has scored in a bowl.

The youngest of the five Marx Brothers and the least well-known of these, Zeppo, At first he played the role of ordinary people, and then turned into a theatrical agent and engineer. On his account — an apparatus for monitoring heart rate with visual and audio interface. Oh, if only he knew what takes place this unit in a cinematic melodrama with its characteristic squeak, marking the border between life and death!

"Scream queen" Jamie Lee Curtis in fact, more than anything else was afraid of dirty babies, and therefore invented to provide diapers pocket for used tissues. In its place could be any mom!

Odessa Jacob N. Pohis, Broadway took out jokes about "Sovet Russia" did not fail to tease and over Patent Office, registering a tear pad with waterproof pages. Just as in a conventional notebook, only waterproof pages. Catch up?

Supermodel and star gossip abroad seventies and eighties Christie Brinkley (Grandpa, you have to remember, she was still married to your favorite Billy Joel) invented a child's toy — the designer of letters. All models are doing it, does not it?

"Why did you contacted the police? Why do not you come to me? "- Said one day Marlon Brando not quite my voice, then climbed out of the recliner, compliments listened, shook hands and went home to loved drums. It was necessary to modify the system configuration contraption. Eureka! Replace the bolts surrounding the membrane, idler! Drummers, you already know about it?

Go back to those who did not invent at leisure and work time. In the video for the song Smooth Criminal someone Michael Jackson slender body bent at forty-five degrees. And did not fall, because it was supported by the special effects. But he played the same trick during regular appearances? It turns out that on stage were special bolts or hooks, for which a dancer at the right time clung special heels!

Telerazoblachitel magicians Penn Gillette argues that the invention was inspired by the hot tub, adopted together with Debi Harry (my grandfather, even I know who it is). It (the bath, not Debi, but who knows?) Equipped with a device that directs streams of water to the chassis women.

There was a time when Neil Young preferred guitars toy trains. This fascination with him is very handy when it's time to deal with a son who was born with cerebral palsy. During the construction of the gigantic railway network dad invented the remote control traffic.

American clown Gallagher, famous for the massive destruction of watermelons (no, not in the culinary sense), first studied the physics of elementary particles. Perhaps it has something to do with astonishing depth of this patent. In the opinion, Mr. Gallagher, in the near future, the current children mired in computer games will not understand the machine in which it is necessary to lower the coin. Right, let throw watermelons there!

Anchorman Bill Nye spent a life on the popularization of science. During the filming of the story about the bones and muscles with dancers of Pacific Northwest, he drew attention to the blood-soaked ballet shoes. He explained that without the blood and pain of ballet does not happen. "Man-science" is not reassuring, and he came up with a model that facilitates standing on the tips of his fingers.

One of the brightest minds in the history of mankind Einstein, as is known, began as a clerk in a Swiss patent office. Apparently, out of habit, he, being already close to Manhattan in every sense, a patent for this elegant blend cropped jacket and coat, and immediately felt better live.

In a not very fine day pop diva Paula Abdul suddenly discovered that she not only danced, but also sings, and one does not mix well with others. Rather than tear the first available pink blouse, she, um, deep in thought. In fact, to make pas with a rack in the hands of not very convenient, take off your microphone — entangled in the wires, and set in the Stone Age did not exist. As a result, Ms. Abdul has come up with a microphone stand with a concave base, which allows it to bend back and forth with the singer danced. End of this should stand at the base, becoming also a tightrope walker. Indeed, the ancient Greek philosopher Parmenides proposed to solve simple problems by complexity.



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