2008 is a leap: a review of the prophecies and predictions. Are we waiting for World War III?


A more detailed study is only just reinforces the disturbing belief that the next year in many prophecies and predictions stated otherwise, the "black" label. However, this did not prevent the author found in a barrel of tar all sorts of dire predictions for the year 2008, that a spoonful of honey, which is designed to add us to more or less optimistic mood. So, first things first.

We begin, of course, with the good. The famous Russian scientist, Academician L. Melnikov (2002) — the date of the forecast-auth.) Predicted the 2008 invention of an edible plastic and UN ban on human cloning experiments Another Russian researcher, renowned futurologist A Polyuh (2005) estimates that in 2008-2009 Years will go rapprochement of peoples of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia. Ukrainian nostradamusoved A.Krasnyaschih (2005) believes that in the next year to begin the union of the Orthodox and Catholic churches that will be completed no later than 2020.

In this, perhaps, all the optimistic predictions for 2008, and an end. The famous American astrologer E.A.Mis (1995), says that in the spring of this year to begin the war the United States and Iran. On this date in agreement with many modern experts — military and economists. The world-famous astrologer compatriot — nostradumosoved and soothsayer Dzh.Houg (1999) "marked" next year such predictions, as many earthquakes 8-8.5 points in a seismically poor regions of the world and the death of the Pope. Russian prognostics Kyselyov (2004) for 2008 predicts the assassination of four heads of governments of the major powers and the conflict in the Indian subcontinent, which may lead to the outbreak of World War III. Already mentioned by us A.Krasnyaschih-author of no less terrible interpretation of the great Nostradamus quatrains: in 2008, the possibility of sudden death of two prominent political figures in Ukraine. But at the same predictor noticed quite optimistic that our well-known politicians and intelligence agencies on the prevention of the great prophet informed.

What is the dynamics and the progress of the main events of the next year, which should be of a comparative analysis of projections credible and Astro-cosmobiology?

2008 for the governments of European countries as well as Russia and China, will be marked by finding optimal ways of solving the issues in economics, finance, business, and science. In most of these countries, including Ukraine, will be a major reform aimed at improving the state mechanism and strengthening law enforcement, particularly the police structures. Do not go without necessary in such cases of forced restrictions on democracy and freedoms. However, a lot of trouble in the first place threaten the organized criminal world, particularly mafia, which merged with the state apparatus. Therefore, all law-abiding citizens can feel relaxed in 2008.

The profound economic and political reforms will be launched in Russia. Her relationship with Ukraine, it is likely to become even more stringent and pragmatic. As for Ukraine, in 2008 is expected to be implemented in a variety of projects in the field of culture, especially folk art, literature and the visual arts, the study of national roots and traditions. But the budget process and management of the economy limping badly promise. There is every reason to believe that a new rise in prices of food and industrial goods tariffs for housing and communal services, as well as a new round of inflation, we can not escape. Almost on the spot will fumble domestic science, but all kinds of promising programs and public projects wallow like a horn of plenty. However, they will not realize until 2010.

Major international competitions this year will be quite successful and orderly. In the summer abroad can be made large discoveries in the field of natural and exact sciences. The emergence of exciting projects in aviation and aerospace, most likely in June-July 2008.

At the beginning of the year can result in serious disruptions in the operation of computers, navigation systems of telecommunications. The beginning of winter promises to extreme cold in the northern hemisphere, but in the South during this time of drought and possible large fires. Damage to structures of bridges, highways, transport accidents and in power most likely to occur in periods: 1-20 January, 17-29 February 20 and March 21. These days are likely to crash and space technology.

Serious disturbances in the society: the aggravation of relations in political, ethnic and sectarian areas should be expected from 7 to 15 January, from 21 to 28 February, from 16 to 24 March. These periods are fraught with the birth of new zones of military conflicts in the Middle East and the Americas. The second half of January is favored by criminals, February may be marked by explosions and fires. March 2008 can be called "a brawler of the Year": emotional verbal battles can break out of this month at all social levels — international, national, corporate, family.

The second quarter of the year will know about yourself floods and spring flooding of rivers in Europe, which could be affected by not only farmland, but also the major cities of Western and Eastern Europe. In comparison with the first three months of the year the adverse periods in April-June is much less. It's 5-10 and April 22-28, May 17-24, June 20-30. During these periods, we should expect major traffic accidents, especially water and rail. In the second half of June, possible outbreaks of infectious diseases. End of June — the grace period for the growth in the number of suicides and various financial gambles. This period of increased probability of dangerous violations of public order and the mass protests of the population.

The middle of the summer and early fall the most difficult and stressful time of the next year. It can to make themselves known international and domestic armed conflicts, social and economic upheavals, ecological disasters, the depreciation of currencies. The most likely such events 1-10 and 15-30 July 2-28 August 25-26 September. Summer is going to be for Europe and Ukraine moody, first drought, then floods (most likely in the second half of August). July — the month when will increase the probability of major accidents in the transport and bursts of juvenile crime (especially dangerous 4,8, 25 and 31 July). August can bring accidents in mines and sewage treatment plants, as well as a large number of road accidents. In the first half of September are possible outbreaks of infectious diseases.

Do not promise anything good to us and the events of October and December of next year. In many countries of the world (and especially in Ukraine) aggravated the political struggle. Break out loud financial scandals exposing corruption schemes (December month). The air can smell the danger close third world chemical and bacteriological warfare. Promise to be particularly stressful periods from 1 to 12 October, from 5 to 22 November 1 to December 31. On the nature of power in society will react storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods. As a result, there will be serious problems with power supply and navigation, possible major industrial and transport accidents. In December, also not excluded outbreaks of infectious diseases, especially venereal, disease.

The reader to have patience to read the above forecasts for next year, should not take them to heart. First of all, it's only predictions that have the remarkable property is not true. Second, the days for a happy and peaceful life, as it is easy to calculate that in 2008, too many — as many as 186. On the other hand, should not be neglected ancient wisdom, which says: "He who warned — is forearmed."

Vladimir Strelets, writer and futurist, Kiev

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