2013. Garrett McNamara — conqueror of the 33-meter waves!

Surfer legend Garrett McNamara (Garrett McNamara) broke his own World Record 2011 Surfing, conquered the wave height nearly 33 meters (100 feet)!

In 2011, Garrett won a wave height of 30 meters (90 feet), also setting a world record.

He was born in America, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, but at age 11 his family moved to Hawaii, where he fell in love with this extreme sport!

Photos in the header of the article was made To Mane, which Surfer Today calls one of the best surf photographers in Europe

Records of Surfing "fight" is not so common. It depends on the fact that not so many surfers are able to conquer such large waves, which together are called "Mavericks". Plus, the season of the giant wave lasts only a few weeks a year.
Not long ago, watching a movie, which is called: Conquerors of the waves «Chasing Mavericks», highly recommended for viewing

According to the materials guardian.co.uk


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