21.12.12. Attention! End of the world will not

Psychologist Blackburn from the UK published a message to people who are waiting for the date and panic fear 21.12.12. In his article, he makes a compelling argument based on observations of the world markets and heads of state, why end of the world is not going to happen.
I think all of his statements logical and sensible. Please read and soothe nerves

Blackburn said that he had increased the number of clients concerned about the end of the world, which is scheduled for 21.12. and of what can happen on this day. Psychologist listens to the common mind, do not be paranoid, but just to be guided by logic and banal observation.

Blackburn argues to that end of the world on December 21 this year, will not, or, at least, of him for sure, no one can know.

First: the research projects and the development continues. Huge investments in costly and long-term projects — Blackburn sure that if the management of the largest corporations and companies knew about the Apocalypse, it definitely would not be "throwing money away."

Second, on the elections held this year, were zealous and costly, but if the senior ranks knew of the impending apocalypse — it just would not be.

Third: The billionaires are not satisfied with "rides unprecedented generosity," and not even donate part of his fortune to charity, but because they know about the end of the world, there would definitely be someone who would have thought before the imminent demise of all mankind to make such a broad gesture is not in favor of the powerful.

Fourth: anomalies in the stock markets and exchanges are not observed, and the approaching end of the world would necessarily affected by the behavior of the largest companies, and it would have caused a reaction in the stock market.

Fifth: Astronomers have not found any asteroids or comets, and even more planets that would threaten the Earth in December — and the world is now a lot of people, from amateur to professional astronomers who observe the night sky. Surely no one would have noticed the looming threat from outer space?


Who is Blackburn I could not find, it seems — the ordinary psychologist, but still worth listening to it, or frustrated people added to the insane asylums December 22.


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