21.12.12 Bunker, or a party for the same money?

13 days left until the date 21.12.12. It seems a world holiday. From this, will become more after December 21, 2012 . But as long as everyone is getting ready. Candles, stoves, paper, wood preservatives, wood and a host of useful things harvested in many homes in the world doomsday. Let's take a look at the Kiev, capital of Ukraine, and see what's going on here.

People who believe in the reality of the event (mostly assumed widespread power outages and as a result, the inability to use the TV, internet and a fridge), does prepare themselves adequately to meet the coming nightmare. Basically stocking candles, matches and flashlights, fill pantries with salt, cereals and pasta, risking breed moths and beetles.

So much so, that the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine officially declared by the end of the world is not ready and special events on this occasion will be held. And in the weather cheerfully reported: weather anomalies due to the end of the world is expected.

While panic is playing into the hands of small and large merchants. For example, in Zhitomir markets ordinary household candles that used to cost two of the hryvnia, now sell for six. Unprecedented demand flashlights with batteries, and the batteries themselves too. City residents to stay warm without central heating, buy a mini-stove, firewood and warm clothing are reserved. One of the Donetsk shoe stores already sent SMSes to regular customers: "Get ready for the end of the world :)). The first pair — minus 30 per cent, the second pair — minus 50 percent. Prior to 21.12.12. "

Prepare for a global immersion in cold black space and the inhabitants of the capital. One of the sites on the rental property we saw the announcement of the surrender of the bunker on the street Voloska, near Kontraktowa area. End of the world can be found with all the amenities, radiation protection, ventilation and feeding. Week stay there, starting from December 20, will cost a thousand dollars per person. However, when the "facts" you call the phone number listed in the ad, it appears that there is no availability.

— People have begun to book seats for one and a half months before the end of the world — happy voice shared owner bunker. — Sam-I in all these things do not. But for you, if you want, I can ask around places in bunkers with friends. In my opinion, there are still a few.

— And will feed? Or a need to bring?

— Full support! The first, second, third … Look, let's better for the same money will invite you to a party outside the city, and that will be called: "Meeting the end of the world!" Holiday will last for three days — Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We ourselves will go there, so that together we note. It will be fun, you will not regret!

The idea really seemed to us amusing. So what? Let's deal with the apocalypse. Then come Christmas Day, followed by the New Year. Immediately after the New Year, January 3, you can mark the end of the world in the old style …

However, it appears that we are not the only ones lovers holidays.

— Yesterday took his little son to record a section of Aikido, — the familiar citizen of Lviv. — To introduce us to the coach, gave form and a training schedule. There, among other things, are the days when classes are canceled. Posted: December 21-23 (doomsday), December 30? January 11 (coaches leave for methodological workshop in the Carpathians). It turns out that research in the Carpathians New Year — it's only for those who survive the end of the world?



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