21.12.12. Centre for Suicide

Passions around the date 21.12.12 reaches its peak. There are only 2 days, and news from around the world are becoming more improbable.
So, to the first deputy head of the Kirov region, Dmitry Matveev received a message from a certain citizen who proposes to create centers for suicide bombers, who are not willing to wait for December 21, 2012!

— In connection with the approaching end of the world and the loss of human civilization requests to organize in the region, "the Centers for voluntary withdrawal from the life of citizens" — this formulation is contained in the "Summary of the treatment."

By the way, the Matveev comment on this address with the words: "This is not funny …". And it's hard to disagree.


Well, 2 days left, you can have them as something to endure, and after the 21st day of life as before …
Everybody hold on!


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