21.12.12. Changing the Earths magnetic poles.

Along with all sorts of options doomsday 21.12.12 added another: the change of the magnetic poles of the Earth. What is it we are facing and how much it is possible in 2012 — you will learn from the article.

German researchers have found that the Earth's magnetic field is developed incredibly quickly since both modern humans first mastered Europe, completely reversing its poles in less than a thousand years, news agencies reported with reference to the German Research Center for Geosciences.

Previously it was thought that the Earth's magnetic poles switch places every few hundred thousand years. However, German scientists have refuted this theory. According to an expert on paleomagnetism of the German Research Centre of Geosciences Norbert Novatsuk, now the magnetic poles change places only 41 thousand years ago — soon after modern humans came to Europe — and turned around again in less than a thousand years after that.
A reversal of the magnetic poles is of great importance, especially in today's world, as a consequence of significant weakening of the magnetic field of the planet, which protects people, as well as ground-based communications from the damaging effects of space radiation.

A research team from the International University of Florida (Florida International University) under the direction of Brad Clement (Brad Clement) analyzed the changes in the magnetic field of the Earth that have occurred throughout its history. It is known that the magnetic field varies with time, and sometimes the magnetic poles of the planet suddenly and quickly reversed.

These great events especially interested scientists, especially since in general — in the mechanism of the generation of the Earth magnetic field and in the laws of his behavior in science there are still many gaps. For example, over the last 15 million years, had four pole shift every 1 million years, or a "reverse" on average every 250 million years. However, according to Clement, the last such coup was 790 thousand years ago. We can assume that we are on the eve of the next grand change that somewhat delayed.

But this is not necessarily so. "Polarity" are not strictly periodic. We do not even know how they are natural and necessary. However, there are some interesting signs of impending change. Thus, the magnetic field of the planet has dropped substantially over the past two decades, and over the past 150 years, the reduction was 10%.

But it is the weakening of the field, according to scientists, is preceded by a change of the poles. The only consolation is that this change occurs rapidly only in geological terms — it takes thousands of years. In general, humans, and animals have time to adjust to the new direction of the magnetic field.


Reason to shudder (knowing people, of course) gave little information published in the scientific journal Geophysical Research Letters. A group of French researchers led by Gauthier Khulo the University Denis Diderot in Paris, which has long been studying the anomalies of the magnetic field of the Earth, said: There is no way to predict exactly when the planet's magnetic poles switch places and there will be a so-called inversion. That is, in the truest sense of the South Pole will become the North, and vice versa. A computer model based on the current data showed: for convincing their predictions — the data — not enough. It is necessary to gather additionally 20 years. This is at best. As a result, French scientists have made a disappointing conclusion: the inversion may occur. Anytime. Maybe in a thousand or two years, as predicted by some of their colleagues. And maybe in two years, as persistently predict others. The words "two years" is just disturbing. After all, come 2012. The one on which the Mayans have appointed an end. Through his prophetic calendar. On Earth, perhaps, there is not already a person who would not have heard about it. And although experts have repeatedly explained that the Maya did not mean disastrous catastrophe, but merely the end of a certain period of time, bad osadochek, as they say, remains.


Waiting inversion or reversal, as it is called, at first glance gives fantastic. However, many scientists consider it a real phenomenon. And believe it has often happened in the history of our planet. Allegedly, the change of poles literally imprinted in ancient rocks. And in the deposits of lava. The bottom line is that both rock and lava are able to remember the magnitude and direction of the geomagnetic field, which existed at the time of their formation. By studying the different breeds of all ages, scientists who believe in the inversion, created the so-called magneto-chronological scale. And determine what geological era in the direction of the ancient geomagnetic field coincided with the modern. And when it did it was just the opposite. If we believe the scale, over a period of 600 million years the Earth has fallen nearly a thousand inversions. And the last — 780 thousand years ago. A clear periodicity in the polarity is not noticed. Sometimes, when the next "coming" in a million years after the previous one. And it happened that in 50 thousand years. In other words, the next geomagnetic leapfrog really can happen at any time.


It would seem, well, what's so wrong with the inversion. Well, the North Pole will not look blue tip of the compass, and red. In fact, the phenomenon would not be worth seeing if there would be an instant: time — and the poles are reversed. And the field immediately gained its former strength. But this does not give a guarantee of Geophysics. On the other hand, are frightening: reversal can be delayed. While it may be a time when the value of the field will fall almost to zero. And it turns off. But turn to again? And how quickly? The reason for the uncertainty is that scientists are still a poor understanding of the processes that generate the geomagnetic field. It is believed that the Earth, having a molten iron core, works like a giant dynamo. The core rotates and generates an electric current. This is a simplified — theoretically — a. A real — solid puzzle. — We do not have enough computer memory and processing power to take into account all the details of the process — is justified by Gary Glattsmeyer, a specialist in computational physics from the University of California. To clarify the situation at the University of Maryland's even going to make a model of the planet — a ball with a diameter of 3 meters from the "core" of 14 tons of molten sodium. Will spin it and see what emerges and disappears field. — We're going to the actual experiments to test the current computer models — the researchers say.


The disappearance of the field will void the Earth's magnetosphere — the natural barrier standing in the way of the solar wind and cosmic radiation. Life is not able to withstand the long and the both. By our standards, witnessing death can become the representatives of the present generation. If you do not come up with anything like a containment as one of the film series "Highlander." Some scientists believe that the magnetic crash that occurred about a billion years ago, "faded" Mars. His field that just was turned off and was not involved. As a result, affected not only the "Martians", but the atmosphere — it blew. However, the Earth faces a much more rapid end. In theory, of course. More specifically, once the two ends. One catastrophe predicted the American Academy of Sciences, which is expected in 2012, a powerful flash of the sun that can damage power lines across the planet. But not as deadly, as in the movie "The Omen", which burned all living things. However, can be deadly even the most powerful flash if the planet's magnetosphere disappears. And defenseless Earth will fall under the plasma emission and the hard radiation from the sun. Once again, let us remember the words "two years" in relation to the polarity reversal, we impose the prophecy of American academics and horrible.

SYMPTOMS Compass scored arrow in Siberia

Scientists who monitor the Earth's magnetic field, assure that the approaching inversion indicate the growing anomaly. First, the geomagnetic field from year to year is weakening. This is a clear sign. Secondly, the field warps. North Magnetic Pole in 1904 withdrew from their homes. And now moving from the area of Ellesmere Island in the Canadian side of Russia. In Siberia. Is accelerated: starts with 15 kilometers per year, and has already reached 60. Third, the data from satellites show: inhomogeneities in the magnetic field of our planet becomes larger, and they become larger. Finally, frequent earthquakes — in a very short period thundered Haiti, Chile, Turkey. Some scientists have linked increased activity in the bowels of the changes in the Earth's rotation. But these changes can not affect the operation of the planetary dynamo. Or, conversely, does it generate tectonic shifts.


In my opinion, this version is just a far-fetched to the end of the world in 2012, but against other equally incredible options, it looks quite normal. I think that is closer to Dec. 21 and is read


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