21.12.12. From the city of the Mayan end of the world will be broadcast!

To broadcast the "end of the world" in Mexico has brought equipment. The Associated Press announced that 21.12.12 This event will be broadcast on the Internet. The action will take place in the holy city of maya Chichen Itza, which has been imported equipment and satellite dishes.

City of Chichen-Itza was the political and cultural center of the Maya in the north of the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico). Archaeologists consider it one of the religious "power spots" associated with the culture of the Maya. Select the city for shooting and determined that Chichen Itza is located almost halfway between Merida and Cancun, which facilitates access to the site and the opportunity to get to it a different kind of transportation, including aircraft.

Recall that recently astrobiologist at Ames Research Center, David Morrison (David Morrison) assured the audience during a video chat Google+ Hangouts, which is actually the end of the world is expected. "There is no truth. It's just a fantasy created artificially, "- said the researcher.



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