21.12.12. Global experiment with consciousness of humanity?

21.12.12, December 21, 2012, end of the world — the most popular searches in all languages throughout the world, in the last 6 months. Is humanity really waiting for something terrible? Or maybe it's some kind of experiment with human consciousness in the largest scale in history? This version is quite right to life.

Media over the last few years and deliberately misinform intimidate people. Whose order they perform? Who needs the uncertainty about the future of mankind? Who benefits, so people stopped thinking about the pressing issues of food and housing, and began to think that it does not depend on? Why rumors about the imminent end of the fall in the company at those times when the world is on the brink of war, crop failures and financial crises? Indeed the collapse of the economy does not look so bad as alien invasion or deluge.

Could it be that the "End of the World 2012" is unprecedented in world history, an experiment in the use of social hypnosis and other techniques of manipulation of consciousness, in order to divert attention from negative global events on the global economic and political arena? The date of the failed "all the world" and developments in the global economy: is there a relationship between them? What is the effect on the emotional state of society, the news about the coming end of the world? Should I wait for the surge of suicides, ritual killings, the growth of crime in the near future?

These and many other questions answered by experts in the fields of history, economics and religion. The participants of the round table:

— Sergey Zenkevich, Doctor of Military Sciences, Professor;
— Valery Korovin, a political scientist;
— Marina Mchedlov, a leading researcher, academic secretary of the Centre "Religion in Contemporary Society" IP Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Political Sciences;
— Mikhail Delyagin, director of the Institute of Globalization Problems, Doctor of Economic Sciences;
— Sergey Grinyaev, CEO of NGO "Center for Strategic estimates and projections."

There was, is and will be

With regard to the question of whether the Apocalypse is coming and when, the panelists expressed different and sometimes contradictory assumptions.

Economist Mikhail Delyagin to the problem treated with humor and irony, seeing that humanity, if it does not vanish on Dec. 21, will be one more celebration.
"Well, let's celebrate this day, a good excuse. And then another, and January 3, we note the old style. What would the media the day after the announced apocalypse — say misunderstood Maya, they can simply end the year on this day, my New Year's, and we were afraid, "- he said.

Deljagin ARCSPO cited data for the year 2008, when in the midst of the crisis, the Russians were asked whether they believe in the end of the world. Do not believe it turned out more than 60% who believe — only 22%, of which 3% admitted light at the end of their life, which is within the statistical margin of error.

Political scientist and director of the Center for Geopolitical Expertise Valery Korovin, in turn, convinced that the world will end, but declined to specify a date. According to him, waiting for the Apocalypse tend to regard traditional culture. Today's society is indifferent to it, but now gradually returning to antiquity.

"Traditional society is waiting for the end of the world every day. But this day, most likely, will come not when he faces. In the era of post-modern society in general is indifferent, but interest in the subject is growing, and this has its advantages. For example, in the fact that many are turning to religion and moral ideals ", — he said.

At the same time, he noted that the liberal attitudes of Europeans are promoting consumer behavior that involves enjoying good things of life and the end of the world is seen in a routine physical destruction of humanity.

According to the professor, Doctor of Military Sciences Sergei Zenkevich end of the world is not only real, but it is already in full swing, especially in our country.
"Remember the last hurricane Sandy in a multimillion-dollar New York City, killing 137 people and our 30000th Krymsk, where the rain was lost just as much. And the 2010 fire in Moscow — is not the apocalypse. We have long been living in this "- he said.

He added that with this attitude to the safety of citizens in our country everything is possible. At the same time, he debunked the myths about global threats in the form of the greenhouse effect, bird flu and other socio-resonant projects, calling them unnecessary myths.

"We just talk away from the end of the world, forgetting about the real issues," — he said.
The enemies or the general psychosis

On the question of who is fanning these rumors for the past few years, and what is the goal being pursued, the majority of experts agreed that the search for a black cat in a room where it is not, it is not necessary.

Valery Korovin accuses of fomenting rumors and media chasing the ratings and manipulating public opinion, as well as the U.S. government, aimed at economic dominance in the world.
"It is not for nothing that there is a theory of the" golden billion ", which is interested in manipulating people's minds with the news of the end of the world. However, the Mayan calendar can be interpreted as the end of the American world, its dominance in the world, so if will be an apocalypse, in a given country — the United States, "- suggested the analyst.

As evidence of this version is the fact that on December 22 the lease expires in the printing press by the American government, which, however, looks weak evidence.

Delyagin not accuse the dissemination of information about the end of the world nor the media, nor external enemies or agents of the West, saying that if they wanted to, the main message coming from the company itself, which tends to believe everything that whatever is handy.

"If you tell yourself a thousand people about Reptilians, you yourself begin to believe in them. About any manipulation in someone's interests are not talking "- said Delyagin.

At the same time, economists have recognized that the economic interest of such apocalyptic campaigns, of course, is present. Many companies are cashing in on this well. At the same time Deljagin does not see that the intention of businessmen, considering that they only respond to the needs of the society was formed, as, indeed, and the media with their films and programs, and do not form this trend.

Waiting for the end

Scientific Secretary of the Centre "Religion in Contemporary Society" Marina Mchedlov came to explaining the phenomenon of end of the world and people's attitude towards him with the scientific and philosophical side. According to her, in the history of mankind there have been several apocalypses and in different religious cultures, they were understood in different ways.

However, unlike the previous "end of the world" when the question was raised globally, as the struggle between good and evil, and all the righteous had to save God, apocalypse now become more scientific and clear atheistic part of society, and of universal salvation was transferred to the individual.
"That's why people buy these and Tomsk and Novosibirsk sets for the end of the world, tickets for saving ark to save himself. It's all very similar to the public psychosis which, in particular, gives rise to thirst for consumption. Apparently, it somehow allows you to unload emotional person "- suggested Mchedlov.

The expert stressed that the hysteria about the coming end of the world is characterized mainly to Russia, while most of the other world cultures and religions do not hear about it. As an example, it has led China, India and the Arab countries, where the local religion suggest the cycle of life, but not its final completion. Therefore, apart from the Europeans, the date of 21 December 2012, no one says nothing.



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