21.12.12. Minsk. The Underground City Ark. Bunker for millions!

In the last 24 hours ByNet simply boiled to discuss prospects of buying an underground bunker, where you can ride out the date of 21.12.12, and maybe end of the world, located not far from the capital of Belarus …

According to the website, the underground city "Ark" is located in the "still a picturesque and ecologically clean area" near Minsk, in all senses of the word — 20 km from the city center and 50 meters below ground. "In walking distance: nothing at all" — attracts "developer."

The bunker is buried in the ground a 42-storey building, which has apartments to suit every pocket and taste — one, two, and three bedroom suites.

The most expensive housing in the hopper Belarusians will cost more than 1.7 million dollars, and the cheapest — at 224,000.

However, even a modest apartment in the "Ark" are sold to European decoration and furniture, and in the "suite" is even a swimming pool, media walls, scenic views and, of course, security door.

Inside the bunker there are shops, FLC with pool, SPA-center, beauty salon, dry cleaner, compact ice palace, pharmacy, clinic, cafe, cinema, kindergarten and other social and domestic purposes.

However, to buy an apartment in a luxury miracle bunker, as it turned out, it is impossible -'s the only developed it viral advertising web design studio. But the guys managed to become famous in record time — just for a day.

"It was a joke, of course," — said the head of the studio Naviny.by Pixelhead Anton Grekovich.

However, according to him, the studio has already addressed two of the hopper and willing to purchase five people called just to say "thank you" for creativity. Similar thank-you messages come to the studio and corporate e-mail to "Tosca board" site. Call and customers are impressed with the work of the studio.

The idea of creating such a project, as the Anton Grekovich, was a long time, but the circumstances of her "birth" and he remembers: "I thought it would be, at least exciting for people."

According to him, on the site worked five people, and the work proceeded leisurely pace throughout the year. Website was launched yesterday, December 4, and after exactly day statistics showed more than 30,000 unique visitors.

What will happen to the project after December 21, its creators have not yet reported.



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