21.12.12. NASA — end of the world will not be!

Now and NASA did not survive and become reassure the American public that the end of the world 21.12.12 will not.
"Our planet was in perfect order for more than 4 billion years, and the allegation that the soon coming end of the world are without any scientific justification," — said in a statement posted on the website of the department.

One of them, in particular, is that the Earth will face wandering in the solar system, the mythical planet Nibiru, which supposedly predicted the existence of the Sumerians. Originally a disaster for this scenario was planned in May 2003. However, when it did not happen, end of the world was postponed to December 21, 2012. It was on this date comes the end of one cycle of the Mayan calendar.

But that's no reason to wait for the end of the world, experts say.

"Time does not end just because hanging on your kitchen calendar ends on December 31. Since the Mayan calendar does not end December 21, 2012. This date is the latest in a long period of time, the Mayan number system, but then they begin a new cycle — just as you hang on the wall of a new calendar on January 1, "- say scientists NASA.

The researchers also refute and other common theories about the end of the world: the death of our planet as a result of a collision with another celestial body, a giant solar flare, pole shift and the "parade of planets" — an astronomical phenomenon in which a certain number of planets in the solar system is on the same away from the sun in the small sector.

On Wednesday, November 28, scientists from NASA's during video chat dispelled popular myths associated with the Maya predicted the end of the world, according to their calendar, which should come on December 21.

David Morrison, an astrobiologist from the Ames Research Center has assured the audience during a video chat Google+ Hangouts, which is actually the end of the world is expected. "There is no truth. It's just a fantasy created artificially, "quoted the researcher's Space.com.

Unfortunately, the fantasy has real consequences, added Morrison. According to him, he received many letters from concerned citizens and especially young people. Many complained that they could not eat, or too excited to sleep. Some have said that thinking about suicide. "I think it is low — to spread rumors on the Internet to scare the children," added Morrison.

Scientists have dispelled many myths, from the fact that the Earth is suddenly faced with the planet Nibiru, and ending with the fact that our planet suddenly change the polarity of its magnetic field and flies 30,000 light-years, landed in the black hole. Among the other one in the audience was asked whether it was true that from 23 to 25 December entire planet plunged into darkness, in response to which the entire board of scientists just asked, "What?" And blinked his eyes.



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