21.12.12. Parade of planets and the arrival of Nibiru are not possible

Decided to take a look into the individual probabilities of the events that may occur 21.12.12. Options for end of the world has invented countless as the reasons for it. The most popular are: a parade of planets December 21, 2012, because of which, like as, to begin an incredible disasters in the world and the arrival of the mysterious planet Nibiru. Let's look at how this is possible.

Today, the network read an article in which it was suggested that the parade of planets, to be held in less than a month, will bring the most powerful on Earth disasters: earthquakes, tsunamis, the failure of a lot of electronics and other muck (I will not publish it, because I think complete nonsense). So, it turns out that 21.12.12 all this just will not be for a very simple reason: the parade of planets on this date just will not take place. How do I know? It's very simple.
We go to the website: http://www.solarsystemscope.com/ and set a date that we are interested in, then look around the location of all the planets in the day.

I am very weak in astronomy, but even I take one look at this picture to understand that neither the fact that 9 of the planets, and even a 3 space bodies are not lined up in the day. So all this crap (pardon the expression).

Periodically, the internet slip the news that Nemesis (Nibiru) already seen in the simple telescopes. And so, SOMETHING People will definitely see, but that's just they are the same experts as I am in this matter. I would like to see them do not open by anyone before this planet, "homegrown astronomers" and happy to go.
Motivate his opinion that I try to follow the forums, which is home to appropriate people, with great experience in astronomy, for example here: http://www.astronomy.ru. So, none of the "old-timers" of the resource still does not see nor any unknown planet that could threaten Earth. Sometimes, of course, that some of the new users trying to show something on their pictures taken with the telescope, but each such enthusiasts are given adequate explanations.

In general, neither of which we were out of space on December 21 will not be threatened. I think you need more to fear from the people themselves, which are wound itself.

By the way, here's a publication with http://news.mail.ru

Kits "for the end of the world" have appeared on the shelves of Tomsk

A set of essential goods labeled "For the End of the World" appeared in stores in Tomsk, reports "Interfax". The set includes: a badge with the fields for the data, medications (valerian, activated carbon, bandages, validol), a package of buckwheat, sprats and a small bottle of vodka …
Moreover, a set of Apocalypse includes a notebook, a pencil, two candles, a box of matches, rope and soap. Sellers are assured that the products in the set are real and are well suited for food, soap and rope and everyone can use at their discretion. While the set is only sold in stores Tomsk, however, sales representatives are ready to send the goods to any place in the world.

Optimistic such a set, is not it?

ALL good health and value for!


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