21.12.12. The Mayan calendar will be discussed at the symposium

The ancient Mayan calendar, which has become so popular in the world media in connection with the expectations of doom 21.12.12, will be one of the topics of discussion at the first International Symposium scientists mayyanistov, which opened on Monday in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.

The symposium is held in the National Park Xcaret Center, named in honor of the famous Soviet linguist George Knorozova (1922-1999 years). At one time, the Soviet researcher and found the key to the decipherment of ancient Maya writing.

The forum was attended by researchers from different universities in Mexico, Russia, Poland, France and Guatemala. Our country is represented by scientists from the Russian State Humanitarian University (State Humanitarian University), headed by Doctor of Historical Sciences Galina Ershovoy — Director of the International Research Center named Knorozova.

During the symposium, which will last until November 21, gathered not only to hear reports on the Mayan calendar, but also in writing of this ancient people, as well as astronomy, archeology, ITAR-TASS reported.

Center for Knorozova, which opened in late 2010, was created as part of a joint initiative of the Mexican State Humanitarian University and the University of Varakrusa with the active support of the administration Xcaret Park, the grounds of which in the past was one of the ceremonial centers of the Maya. Knorozova name is widely known not only in Mexico, but also far beyond its borders, especially the fact that he has found the key to the decipherment of ancient Maya writing. It is noteworthy that recently the Center named after the famous Soviet scientist also opened in Guatemala.


Scientists mayyanisty …. What would not be taking delight … I think that after 21 December 2012 for such a society, no one will remember. And yet — to date!


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