21.12.12, U.S. dollar

End of the world, which we predict December 21, 2012 the year is approaching at an incredible rate. The media carefully warmed the rumors, as if trying to warn us all about the day of judgment. But the 21.12.12 closer, the more it is growing confidence that Nibiru, Nemesis or whatever it is — a large-scale fraud that benefits one superpower: the United States of America. Why exactly is it and where does the buck? I propose to look at a single case scenario at the end of this year.

Who benefits relate to the collective unconscious fear of a pandemic with this date? Who are able to prepay a global scale unprecedented PR-campaign dragged in "by the ears" eschatology of the Maya?

Customer share of the total population of the planet zombies of this magnitude may be the only one who has power to the main idol of the last century, the reigning idol of the era of consumption — his omnipotence, — Euro.

World currency now elevated to cult akin to religion. Only where the dollar reigns, nothing remains of the saint. Universal equivalent, the universal solvent of moral, spiritual and ethical values — the dollar — without shame or conscience becomes a commodity absolutely everything, even life and honor. His father — hiding until the time the enemy of mankind, and his mother — the Federal Reserve System (FRS) the USA. It is this financial monster manages the global economy is practically unchallenged and unchecked. Born in 1913, to 33 years, he conquered the whole world. The path to the top of the rule over the nations was washed sacrificial blood of the Second World War. Every war seems to be a secret reinforces dictatorship, mummers in sheepskins Democrat and a peacemaker …

Half a century of absolute power of the dollar, almost completely destroyed morality, international law, the true art and creative culture. Trampled nadreligioznaya faith in love, the triumph of Good and Justice. Cheap, shoddy consumer poisoned fruit of the body and the soul of humanity, deprived of the intangible sense of life of children twenty-first century. People turned into soulless slaves, chewing gum MTV, ready to cater for all needs and desires of those who own a magic machine, printing and printing dollars.

Is it possible to end it all? Yes, it is. And the date of it, as opposed to the true date of the apocalypse, is well known. It was December 21, 2012 expires on 99-year lease term cash machine the U.S. Federal Reserve. This fateful date may in fact be the ultimate for world domination of dollar dictatorship.

Maybe, but it will not. Too powerful forces are included in the fight for the extension of the rule of the Fed. These forces do not get used to decide the fate of the world and its leaders. In their arsenal for centuries been one and the same means: the fear and deception. Moreover, the larger their application, the better the result.

June 4, 1963, U.S. President John F. Kennedy signed a decree number 11110, under which the U.S. Treasury has received the right to issue dollar bills on the security of silver that was available in the treasury. As a result, American money was printed in denominations of $ 2, $ 5, which sported the words "The note of the United States" instead of "bill of the Federal Reserve." Kennedy issued a decree gently led out of the scope of the Fed printing money, returning the printing press in the hands of the U.S. government. November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, the Fed has withdrawn from circulation and destroyed them printed treasury dollars. Despite the fact that the decree number 11110 nobody canceled, has not yet found a president who would be instructed to print dollars out of the Fed.

Actually, the same techniques that were good in the early sixties of the last century, with some upgrade in use today for the successful manipulation of the needle grafted on a digital human-cyborg third millennium. Legion, as before, spreading fear and deception …

Fear, by using modern information technology, embedded in the collective unconscious, instinctive forms the setting for the denial of any changes for the sake of the imaginary stability in general, and in particular — in the absolute risk of a financial crisis due to the possible termination of the monopoly of the dollar the Fed. In 2008, mankind with the help of the Federal Reserve has already been inoculated financial crisis. Since then and until now this topic is actively heated, waiting in the wings, like marked cards in the deck with a sharpie or, more precisely, of the day — 21.12.12.

Deception, the myth of the December apocalypse distract public attention from the real events devalue their true value, the veil of darkness will hide the real plans for world government.

This, quite pragmatic goals, and serves as a one-sided interpretation of the Mayan calendar and the benefit of those who do not are not really afraid of the Apocalypse, or the Court of God, and longs for the beginning of a new era. The era in which the financial omnipotence of the dollar in the fire of a new global conflict legally transformed into a general political dominance of a single world government led by the transnational dictator "peacemaker."

The truth — the sun, falsehood — the darkness, says the proverb. In this sense, the end of the world in 2012 will actually happen, but it will not mean the end of world history, and dive degrading humanity to a new level of darkness, where the silent conscience and love dies.

However, we were discouraged about the Orthodox do not. As is known, the darkness thickens strongest before dawn. In the darkness of the Truth Lies stars shine brighter …

Maxim Leskov, publicist


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