3 Indian sisters — unfortunate werewolves in the hands of doctors!

I have already talked about the baby-wolf, who suffers from a rare disease (Hypertrichosis universalis) — Increased hairiness, which is causing him a lot of problems in life. The disease is so rare at that occurs only 1 in a billion! And here are three sisters from India, who had inherited from his father is a curse. This is the sister of Sangli 23-year-old Savita, 18-year-old Monisha and 16-year-old Savitri. But these girls have a chance to gain a normal life because they are concerned about the fate of Russian doctors …

Moscow Institute of Plastic Surgery has three unusual patsentok from India — Savita sisters, Monisha and Savitri Sangli, suffers from a rare genetic disorder congenital hypertrichosis, also known as the "werewolf syndrome."

Girl from a small village in the district of Maharashtra arrived in the capital at the beginning of June. Russian specialists are to determine the cause of severe illness due to which the body and face of young Indian women is almost completely covered with thick hair.

— Three patients 24, 19 and 16 years of age went to college at the beginning of this summer. The case is indeed very serious and unusual: a congenital hypertrichosis affects only one person in a billion. The first step is Savita, Moniz and Savitri was sent to an endocrinologist for tests to determine the cause of the disorder. In the near future we will know what treatments will be needed to alleviate the condition of girls and return them to normal life in society — commented Deputy General Manager of the medical work of the Institute of Plastic Surgery Valentine Zmazova.

Best Moscow doctors interested in the fate of the family Sangli after the story of the "Sisters of werewolves" received wide publicity in the world press.

For a long time the workers of the Russian medical institutions have been negotiating with the administration of the county in which women live. Jointly by Savita, Moniz and Savitri got her first passport and visa.

— It is difficult to even imagine how long it might take all the medication. We expect to report endocrinologists, which will depend on future actions. Girls will remain under our supervision, — told Valentine Zmazova.

According to close family Sangli, girls from an early age trying to cope with the problem by using special creams that remove hair.

However, all their efforts were in vain, because shortly after the procedure in the same place the hair began to grow even more rapidly.

Sisters inherited the disease from his father, whom their mother — Anita Sambhadzhi Raut — married when she was 12 years old. According to Indian tradition, young girls can not see the groom before the wedding. Prior to the wedding she did not know about the condition of their future spouse.

The illness has transformed the life of Savita, Moniz and Savitri into a nightmare: peers taunted them at school. The older the girl several times already losing jobs because of the repulsive appearance.

According to the mother, she repeatedly sought help from the Indian specialists, dermatologists to help her children, but none of the doctors did not undertake the case.

— When we found out that we are ready to help Russia, they could not wait for this trip. I could not calm them down, so they carefully collected abroad. Russian experts have given us hope for a normal future for daughters — sure Anita Raut.



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