35 British firefighters rescued 6:00 failed in well pony

 More than 30 firefighters were involved in the six-hour operation to rescue the pony fell into a well on a farm in the British county of Somerset on Sunday, the Internet portal publication Daily Mail.

Loss of hoof pet named Nova found his mistress Ilyar de Alvera (Hilliar de Alvero). "We were afraid that Nova could drown," — she said. But it turned out that the five-year pony fell into a well depth of 2.5 meters, where icy water reaches the stomach unfortunate animal.

Arrived at the scene 35 firefighters, who after six hours was able to raise a pony from the well using a special lifting gear belts. Restless pony fortunate not only to land on his feet, but also to get out of the well without a scratch, while maintaining the "calm."

Rescuers also had to work hard. Just to get close to the well with all necessary equipment, they had to file down the brush around. "Pony could not find a more remote places, even if he tried," — said the owner of the land, which usually grazing ponies.

It is reported that the animal is in excellent health. "We want to thank the wonderful rescuers who came to help Nova" — said Alvera.

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