3D printer for metal objects

Company Optomec introduces a new 3D-printer, designed Print complex three-dimensional metal objects.

The U.S. company Optomec known for innovation in the field of so-called "additive manufacturing» (Additive Manufacturing) — a special technology complex structures and materials, which is used in the device for three-dimensional printing, that is, 3D-printers. As the starting material used is a metal powder — micropellets steel or various alloys.

It would be a mistake to think that the only source material for three-dimensional printing is a plastic or a similar component. Some modern 3D-capable printer to work with metal, but rather to metal "dust", which can be created from solid metal blanks or components.

Experts from Optomec, discussing the new printer LENS 450, point to a general similarity of its key technology LENS with the one that is used for quick repairs or deposition of metal on the surface of the generally high-tech metal objects. LENS system thanks to the energy of high-power lasers creates a structure layer by layer from the metal "powder".

Metal products "printed" in a special working chamber printer LENS. The chamber is filled with argon (oxygen content is not more than 10 particles per million particles of argon), which eliminates oxidation during deposition of the metal layer. Furthermore, the printer 450 is set LENS proprietary metal powder feeding system which operates with high precision in small quantities of material.

The result is a three-dimensional metal objects that are in their mechanical properties are not inferior and sometimes superior to those that are produced by traditional methods (fusion). LENS 450 is able to work with different materials, including steel and titanium, and chromium alloys from which you can get as an ordinary stainless steel sheet and detail for automated machinery.



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