3D printer in orbit. Nuts and pizza to astronauts

It may well be that in 2014 at the International Space Station will be a 3D printer, and maybe even two. One will Print details for the ISS and the continuation of the assembly station, and the second will "cook" the astronauts various goodies …

Perhaps in 2014 aboard the research complex of the International Space Station will be 3D-printer, and perhaps not one but two. One of them is designed to continue the assembly of the space segment and "growing" spare parts needed. The second 3D-printer is designed for cooking pizza on board the ISS in order to diversify the food crew working on board the space station.

But, if at the second 3D-printer that is quite simply, machines for making pizza at NASA are still lots of doubts, the printer to create the spare parts on board the ISS is indeed in development. If it is established, the employees of the American space agency is not necessary each time to send into space more and more details as they are created directly in orbit.

"Another fairly new technology 3D-printer is just fantastic and really effective in creating physical objects on the basis of the virtual model. We are confident that this technology future of the space industry. She will find wide application here "- said Nicky Verkhayzer, general manager of the NASA Marshall's Technology Development and Transfer Office.



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