4 years spitting at deputies organisms!

I could not get past the news. How to treat her — decide for yourself.
A staff member of the dining room of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Yulia Borshchenko fired after deputy Valentin Matveyev (fraction of CPU) in my soup found traces of spittle.

According Borshchenko, she spit in the soup to the elected more than once.

"Do you think, in the dining room of the Verkhovna Rada pay well? Not at all — 3200 hryvnia. The capital city — it's not the money! All that has motivated me to work there long 4 years — it is an opportunity to avenge the MPs for what they are doing to the country and the people. And if anyone thinks that I regret my actions, he is mistaken — this is my political position, "- troubled ex-waitress.

In addition, she reported that in the near future is going to look for a job in catering. Seeing her interest in the history of media, she decided to take up the writing of the book.

The waitress was fired by Article 41 of the Labor Code of Ukraine (the face dismissal at the initiative of the owner or his agent).


In my opinion, I do not like how much to pay — where better to look for.


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