5 explosion-resistant materials for your home fortress

After what happened recently at the seemingly totally harmless event called Boston Marathon, developments presented in this article are particularly relevant. These are materials capable of withstanding an explosion of concrete, glass, fabric and even wallpaper!

Sustained in the explosion concrete

1 Imagine a fully sustainable building explosion. That is what we offer researchers from the University of Liverpool have developed a new type of concrete that uses a strong cement and less water than normal, and the very fine silica sand as a filler. But its main secret is set narrow steel short fibers which reinforce the material and give it 10 times more tensile strength than that of conventional reinforced concrete.

The penetration resistant glass

2 Department of Science and Technology of the Department of Homeland Security has developed a new type of explosion-resistant glass, which is a sandwich of interlaced long glass fibers, filled with liquid plastic and bonding substance sealed between two thin sheets of glass. The new glass is the same firm as the species familiar to us bulletproof glass, but much thinner and easier to install in conventional buildings and vehicles.

Indestructible plastic

3 In 1990, a self-taught inventor Maurice Ward appeared on British television with a demonstration supermaterial that he invented without any scientific training. It was called «Starlite», can withstand temperatures of 1000 degrees Celsius, easily deposited onto any surface, and could withstand a nuclear blast. But in 2011, Ward died without revealing the secret to anyone device Starlite. But we still have hope: in an interview shortly before his death Ward mentioned that his family knows the recipe supermaterial.

Explosion-resistant fabric

4 «Zetix» — it is so durable fabric that it can withstand multiple explosions without harm to themselves. It absorbs and dissipates the energy of the explosion due to the special internal structure, built around the principle auksetiki: objects that are the thicker, the more you stretch them. This means that the fabric has pores that open when she feels the explosion — allowing the shock wave to pass through, but stopping the solid debris. The result is a material that can dissipate the energy of explosions — and it can be used for the production of any items of explosion-resistant curtain to body armor.

Bomb-resistant wallpaper

5 Four of the material described above should make our life much more secure, but for those who want to make your home perfectly secure place, there is another option — the explosion-resistant wallpaper. This is not a joke, these wallpapers are really exist. This Super-adhesive sheets of a material «X-Flex», which are capable of holding the building wall from collapsing in the event of an explosion. Enough to stick them under normal wallpaper. One layer is able to accelerate the car to stop the strike, the two layers will keep flying blunt projectiles.



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