5 most notorious bank robberies in history

How many banks are there, the same time robbing them, despite the technological advances remedies. New armored safes, unique castles, space, hung with all kinds of sensors, but often even that can not save the wealthy citizens of their savings and the ingenuity of the robbers. Let's get acquainted with the loudest robberies.

1. Berlin (Germany). Reichsbank. 3.34 billion

Bank of Nazi Germany did not take away a single pass. After 1945, the gold reserve was a tidbit for many countries, organizations and individuals. The Germans, Russian and Americans were taken and carefully took out the gold from the vault. According to the well-known book of T. Bower "Nazi gold" total stolen amounted to 3.34 billion at 1984 prices. Guinness Book of Records, in which this robbery is the first place to tie together all of the incidents.

2. Depository bank branch Knightsbridge (London). 174 million dollars.

The morning of July 12, 1987 Two people were in custody repository in which the cells have been issued in advance of their name. PRONAM weapons, they have devastated almost all of the cells of clients. On this day, the robbers got richer by 60 million pounds (about 174 million U.S. dollars)

3. Brazil. city of Fortaleza. Central Bank. 69 million U.S. dollars

2005. After removing the house next to the bank robbers dug a 80 meter tunnel, equipping it even ventilation and lighting. Over the 2 days off was stolen nearly 70 million dollars. 3.5 tons of stolen valuables were taken away by truck.

4. Beirut. British bank. 50 million

Robbery that occurred in Lebanon in 1976 unfolded against the background of the civil revolution. Storage branch of the British bank has been undermined by the guerrillas, and the values that are in it stolen. The amount by the Finance Minister of the country was 50 million.

5. Ireland. Belfast. Northern Bank. 50 million

2004, December. The group of robbers captures Northern Bank board members in their homes and force them to help them get money from the bank. The result has been stolen 26.5 million pounds. This is the biggest heist in the history of Great Britain.

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