7 horrific womens ways of finding beauty

At all times women tried to attract attention by any means. And it seems to be nothing wrong with that, but sometimes women in the pursuit of beauty make your own body just terrible things.

1. Corsets

You know, it seems that men especially boring? Wholesome female body, that's what! Why do you think in the 19th century, the stronger sex so diligently hunted whales? Women to drag away their bodies whalebone corsets and maim internal organs, of course.

2. Arsenic

In the 19th century it was fashionable to have arsenic in order to "give a person a youthful appearance, his eyes — shine, and the body — an attractive roundness." Acceptance of arsenic, of course, regulated by a set of rules — the moon should be coming, the first method — only one grain (not yet developed resistance), and when you've started, you should continue to eat this stuff all my life — or death.

True, there were side effects — arsenic accumulates in the thyroid gland and causes goiter. But sometimes death. But when it comes to beauty, who can stop it …

3. Tapeworms

In this case, the woman was not just their health at risk for the sake of a slim figure — they voluntarily take up residence in my body disgusting parasites.

Tapeworm eggs taken in pill form, after which these creatures grow in the intestine, absorbing the nutrients that are intended person. The owner was losing weight, the parasites grow and Tolstel.

Some worms reach a length of 30 meters. However, if you want then you can get rid of the "guests", but just imagine that of you, inch by inch stretched a long, flat, sticky and squirming worm … Brrr.

4. Stop tying

Many historians are inclined to believe that the roots of the Cinderella fairy tale to be found in China. In other cultures somehow does not seem so important asset, if the girl is unique, only one in the country's shoe size. But when it comes to China last millennium, everything falls into place.

This tradition seems to have originated somewhere in the late 10th century. The idea is to tightly as possible, tie up the little girl's feet, causing over time they had become the "Golden Lotus". Stinking, rotting lotuses with such deep folds that they can not be washed. (Men did not see it, because his bare feet were not even accepted to show her husband.)

The process of "ripening lotus" was terribly painful, and ended with the irreversible deformation of the legs and lameness. But this is what the Chinese wanted.

Uncertain gait and foot puppet size — for the sake of it and tolerated all the tortures.

5. Radioactive cosmetics

The biggest benefit popular in the 1930s, the French cosmetics Flo-radia considered its content of chloride, thorium and radium bromide. Advertise cosmetics promised miracles: "Provides cell vitality, enhances blood circulation, make the skin smooth, eliminating the fat and prevents the expansion of pores, removes blackheads, pimples, redness and pigmentation, protects, stops aging and wrinkles, gives a fresh and youthful appearance . "

This beauty is in women raptures as from its use have not started to fall off the jaw.

6. Belladonna

Plant name "Belladonna" is translated as "beautiful woman." Once its juice was instilled in the eye, why they started to "shine", pupils with expanded. However, it later for this beauty had to pay loss of vision.

7. Lead powder

1700s were very demanding on the complexion. At the time, few people lived to mature years, did not survive diseases that face was covered with a rash or pimples, why even after recovery remained unsightly marks.

The best way to hide the defects was considered a lead powder. It was an excellent remedy — an inexpensive, well-rested on the skin, leaving it smooth and silky.

But then … a brain tumor, stroke, almost all the systems of the body begin to fail … Belle had the consolation, how beautiful it would be in a coffin.


Women, well, not nadoooooo!! We love you just the way you are!


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