A 60-meter pole dusty rose in the Moscow region

Dry winds registered in Arzamas, Lukoyanova, Sergachev, Far Konstantinovo, Lyskovo in recent days. The correspondent of RIA "Time N" said Head of the Hydrometeorological metprognozov Novgorod Olga Mokeeva on Friday, August 19.

She said that such natural phenomena are the result of a combination of such conditions as the hot wind speed of 7 m / s and temperatures above 20, with humidity of 30%.

"Sukhov harmful because lift the top layer of the soil and impede the free breath, lift small objects, but the threat to human life is not," — said Olga Makeev.

Winds occur most frequently in the desert, but can also appear in the steppe zones.

According Makeeva, eyewitnesses sent pictures with mobile dust column height up to 60 meters in the Moscow district of Nizhny Novgorod. It is unusual for our places phenomenon occurred in an open area away from buildings. "Warming up the ground and the invasion of warm winds aloft created a reason for lifting this post" — explained Olga Makeev.

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