Abnormal fluctuations of the water level in the Barents Sea

To determine the state of the water in the oceans using special buoys that transmit information on meteorological satellites.
These data are summarized and allows conclusions about the tidal processes, the strength and direction of the waves, storms, tsunamis, and so on.
Buoy number 46408, located just south of the Barents Sea in recent days has attracted attention very unusual behavior: first, the height of which changes periodically exclusively upwards by 10-12 m per hour.

Later variations acquired distinct bilateral dimension and now its amplitude is approximately 60 m to 30 m in two directions from the natural zero position.

Comments about this surge yet, but it is logical to assume kachastve to explain this phenomenon tectonic reasons may vertical movement plate.
In support of this assumption in the past few days on the west coast of the U.S. there are very high waves in the absence of wind and other obvious factors.

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