According to statistics, the level of competition in today headed for the peak. Many marketing companies are at a loss about how to come up with another method to advertise one or the other product. Often, we are mistaken in thinking that an old advertising methods no longer fit — old, not modern.

Yet psychologists confirmed that more often than man sees the same object, the faster it begins to recognize him. Nowadays, manufacturers are wasting huge amounts of money to buy advertising that contains Banners, advertising in the media, etc. But it is worth considering that the marketing video — this is not available delight, well, banners, etc. Fishing noted that a person visually receives first 5-10 seconds, that means that after time, your advertising worthless.

As you know, the logo — it's a sign of the company. At the sight of the logo in the human mind appears all the information about this logo. Logo — that's exactly what is promoted. Logo placement in newspapers or magazines is much cheaper than a whole article about annoying your production. Also, the logo on the TV screens will take 2-3 seconds and will cost significantly cheaper than the footage no one suitable roller. The logo can be anywhere, be it a car, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, leaflets, key chains, lighters or promotional tote bag. It all depends specifically on the target audience.

Psychology confirms the fact that man, who saw the same logo and the order of 25 times, begins to think about it and will not will, begins to seek information about the manufacturer.

Advertising is an art — but it is an art not necessarily have to be costly. The main thing to keep in mind that the simpler advertising, so it is not intrusive, and if advertising is not intrusive, it will have a uniform impact on human consciousness. Such advertising may stay longer in the eyes of the target audience in such advertising is subject to occasional "aging". As you know, banners and leaflets should be changed. And if most of your advertising will take the logo (of course perfectly made by experts, as consumers behold the quality of distance), you should not bother about the substitution for a long time, because you can not change the logo layer, if the company will flourish. So that, dear businessmen, remember — a non-intrusive advertising — Is a long advertising, Well, besides cheap.

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