Aerofex — Star Wars technology

It seems that soon fantastic 70-90-ies of the last century, will finally become a reality.
Aerofex California company has created a flying motorcycle on an air cushion. Inspired by the saga of "Star Wars", they decided to create a similar car on the hovercraft, which was Luke Skywalker!

Watch online car hovercraft from the company Aerofex

The device hovers above the ground through two rotors in the front and the back and controls the movement of the pilot's body.

This is not the first attempt to make such a device, but this prototype, in contrast to, for example, from the Australian development, took to the air.

The stability of the air moving structure helped give additional control knobs at knee level rider who promptly react to the instinctive movements pilot's body, sending the unit in the appropriate direction.

The real "motolet" works without electronic filling and looks modest, but management does not need to undergo additional training. Maximum altitude "toys" is 4.5 meters and the maximum speed was limited to 13.5 km / h for safety reasons.

The blades of the bike greatly inferior to the performance of helicopter blades due to their limited size, and the company does not plan to produce aircraft for sale. The prototype will be used to test elements of unmanned aerial platforms capable of delivering the goods.



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