Air masses from the Arctic to cool the central Russia

Autumn © blogs.klerk.ruMOSCOW, November 2 — RIA Novosti. The invasion of cold air from the Arctic will lead to a significant cooling in the European part of Russia, where the temperature on the output will decrease by 5-6 degrees, said at a press conference in Moscow, Russia Director meteorologist Roman Vilfand.

"We expect a certain surprise weekend expected to be very beautiful process — ultrapolyarnoe invasion" — said Vilfand.

He explained that the normal movement of air in the European part of Russia is from west to east, sometimes the air moves from the north-west, sometimes from the North, but the process of moving air masses from the north-east to south-west are extremely rare: not more than two or three times during winter.

"If this process took place in January, the temperature dropped to 35 degrees below zero," — said the head meteorologist.

At present, according to Vilfand, in European Russia is dominated by warm weather, the temperature at 4-6 degrees above normal, in the Moscow region of 5-10 degrees Celsius.

"For four numbers (November — Ed.) Will begin a small decrease in temperature, and the 5th of the night, the temperature in Moscow and the Moscow region will drop to 2-4 degrees below zero, the day is expected from 1 degree below zero to 1 degree heat," — said Vilfand.

Chapter Roshydromet said on November 6-7 at night the temperature will drop to 3-8 degrees. However, according to Vilfand, the most severe frosts are expected in the Volga region and in southern Siberia, where temperatures will reach 15-18 degrees below zero. According to the head meteorologist, the temperature will drop significantly in the south of Russia, in particular, in the Rostov region is expected at night 5-6 degrees Celsius.

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