Akashic Records for January 2013

What events and what energy we look for this month?

This month, the energy are friendly. It seems that she is going to meet us, bringing something new into our lives. Events that it will bring, for someone can be smooth and nice, but for some they can be a challenge. The energy of this month is like a friendly dog that runs to meet you and wags its tail. If you are ready, feel confident and calm — you can have a rare time. Similarly, in January and can be configured to play with you. You might be trying something new, become a little carefree and relaxed than before.

However, at the same time, the metaphor may turn to you a completely different side. If you are sick or tired, the dog wags his tail and running to meet you, can make you feel anxiety or fear. If you're not ready for it, feel insecure or focus on something else at this point, the energy that you are on you may seem devastating. January may cause you to be afraid of his power, if you are not honest with themselves and with their lives. In this case, you will feel that you are literally pushed around by anyone.

But, as in the case of a dog friendly mood, you have a choice of who to be and how to live, so you can control your own willingness to energy. A key factor is your willingness to your honesty with himself. If you pretend to be who are not, the feelings that you do not actually feel, if you are not sincere to yourself and do not live an honest life — be prepared for the fact that the energy is delivered to you, will scare you. Denial and dishonesty in this month is likely to lead to the fact that you will feel as if you infringe or your commands. Conversely, if you are pure and sincere to ourselves and the world, the metaphorical dog will not do you harm. Play with her health. January will be honest and sincere, so be open and direct. This will be the best way to cope with the completely new, fresh energy that flows to you.

So, on what kind of classes channel the energy of this month?

Very beneficial in this month will be harder to do regular exercise and spend more time outdoors. It is not necessary to send energy to the monotonous routine activities, better to use it for active exercise, play with children, moving pastime. If you're having fun — jump! If you walk down the street — run around! If you need to pick something up — toss this subject up, play with him. Just try to make every action more energetic and playful. This is to lead a more active life — just to be energetic, doing everyday activities.

As already mentioned, this activity will help you add variety to routine business. Do not avoid them because even routine cases committed vigorously, allow you to enjoy and immerse yourself in this energy. Physical activity can help you to be strong and enjoy their vigor. So, this month, any movement will benefit, especially the playful movement.

Should we shun or avoid anything this month?

Yes. It is important that you have behaved just and open in dealing with people. No need to do anything complicated. Avoid gossip and empty speculation. If you have a suggestion, call and ask if this is really. If you want something, it does not, ask those who can do it for you, help you. Taita not hurt, just say that you're concerned about, because people can not always read minds. Surround yourself with people honestly, openly, and as easy as possible.

Here you have a great opportunity to practice integrity. If you give a promise, always follow it and do not promise what you can not do. January can be a very large and bright month. Therefore, in order to properly use the energy, we need to be simple and honest, do not let in itself excessive greatness.

What else do we need to know about January 2013?

It is important to know that the last time the collective consciousness has changed dramatically. Many people are anxiously waiting for the end of 2012. Because forecasts are not paid off at first nothing happened, but it is only at first glance, because all changes have occurred, but in a hidden form. Changes occurred in the heart of every man, in the minds of everyone.

Governments change management capabilities and interoperability between different countries. Changed all that could possibly change. It's time to help these opportunities to grow.

Avoid habits. Do not do something just because you have always done. If someone says the same thing all the time, do not respond the way you met before. Strive for a more peaceful and harmonious interaction with the environment, and collective capacity to give you all to live in peace and harmony.

This will be an exciting experience, but those who are waiting for this and looking at the surface, disappointed. If you expect to see changes in all, you will not see them at all. But if you suddenly become to notice the moments when your neighbor stopped grumbling and smiles when suddenly a fighter instead of waving fists apologize — this is a small miracle. If you want to open up to those moments when people do not as usual, you will discover the path and greater changes. And this is simply because the global human capabilities soared skyward, and now you have to decide how to use this potential. Changes will occur over the next 7-10 years, and these changes begin this month. Use every opportunity to change their knurled trajectory. And do change, live happily and make energy and sincerity in everything that takes!

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