Aktobe driven from their houses hydrogen sulfide. Video

Health officers have already offered to evacuate residents of several villages in Aktobe region. Air pollution levels exceed all standards, and people are complaining in droves to health. In a bad environment they blame the oil companies.

Residents of the village Sarkol, Shubarshi and Kenkiyak that Temir area again in the spotlight. The villages are almost no healthy people. Even babies are born with a bunch of chronic diseases. The villagers say, live in a sanitary zone, that is next to the fields, where oil production is Chinese investor. For many years people breathe hydrogen sulfide from gas flaring.

AS A CITIZEN Shubarshi Aktobe region:

— We have a very bad environment. We are, literally, dying. Children are born sick. But we do not even give compensation.

Chief Medical Officer of the area even offered to evacuate the population of the buffer zone. They say that no matter how many samples were taken of air hydrogen sulfide in Temir district contains many times more than the norm.

Kuralay Karak CHIEF DSSES of Aktobe region:

— In the air, there is a certain amount of hydrogen sulfide MPC, but depending on the season, time of day, we are, indeed, up to 5 percent of the samples, they found the excess hydrogen sulfide.

Calm only deputies Maslikhat, in their view, the problem artificially, oil companies spend a solid money for environmental protection.


— But, for the dynamics that have to reduce emissions, we hope that in the next year or two issue does comes off.

Local authorities sanepidemiologov idea of a mass evacuation is also rejected. In the budget, despite the large costs of oil companies, such a move is no money. Environmentalists while complaining that they have special equipment to conduct more rigorous research. So the long-standing problem in the region is up in the air again.

Bayan Sagimbayeva, Sultan Almagambetov.

 TV and Radio "Channel 31" — Kazakhstan

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