Alien brothers on reason there!


For those who still doubted the existence of unidentified flying objects, declare that aliens exist. Repeatedly their "arrival" on our Earth have been photographed and filmed on video. Moreover, the American physicists believe that extraterrestrials may share information.

According to researchers, alien beings use to communicate are not electromagnetic waves, and the beams of one of the types of elementary particles called neutrinos. Thus, the scientists say, can be attributed to the futility of trying to catch earthlings alien signal by photons, which lasted nearly 50 years.

The hypothesis of the possibility of such a method of communication with extraterrestrial civilizations advanced physicists from the University of Hawaii. "We did not hear the voices of extraterrestrial civilizations, despite a long interstellar of radio listening, because" the brothers on reason "is used to transmit information is not electromagnetic waves, like us, and bundles of one of the types of elementary particles — the neutrino" — in " Galactic neutrino communication "placed in the electronic library at Cornell University.

So far, all attempts to get the alien signal is based on the fact that the transmission of information must be conducted with the help of photons in the radio or optical range. "We believe that it would be more appropriate to look for a possible signal that is transmitted by means of neutrinos," — said the scientist John Lernd.

"The neutrino is a type of elementary particles with extremely low mass and extremely high penetrating power," — said the newspaper VIEW assistant professor of physics Bauman University Alexander Sinev.

According to him, the neutrino mass is important for explaining the phenomenon of dark matter in cosmology, because, in spite of its smallness, the concentration of neutrinos in the universe is quite high. At the same time, according to the expert, the possibility of the transmission of information through these particles the world of science, little is known.

U.S. researchers believe that the high penetrating power of neutrinos is the main explanation for the fact that UFOs can use these particles for communication. Electromagnetic waves can be trapped or scattered by interstellar gas and dust, and near the center of the galaxy, where their concentration is very high, the use of photons for communication may be impossible. At the same time for a neutrino galaxy almost "transparent."
The authors suggest that extraterrestrial civilizations may be used to communicate neutrinos with energies higher than that of similar particles emitted by stars. This would enable almost completely eliminate interference — high energy neutrinos are rare, and the signal transmitted through them, will not be so subject to noise, as in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Note that the search for extraterrestrial life by listening to the interstellar radio broadcast in the world have been conducted since the 1960s. However, up to now, attempts to catch the extraterrestrial signal has not been successful. But documented hundreds of cases where the aliens somehow crossed the ordinary people.

Last week, the publication of documents relating to the issue of the existence of UFOs, has launched the UK Ministry of Security. At this step the agency was forced to citizens who are literally bombarded the Ministry of letters on the right of access to sensitive data on the law on freedom of information. It is expected that the entire archive of "secret materials" will be posted to the Web over the next four years.

However, representatives of the agency were quick to assure the public that the documents no real evidence of alien encounters.

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