Alien finds


In the jungle of equatorial Africa

More recently, in the jungles of Rwanda anthropologists found a mysterious graveyard. At first they thought it was — a very ancient burial place of people. But it turned out that this is not the case. Expedition leader has described what they saw: "The growth of the beings was pretty decent — about 7 feet (over 2 meters). Disproportionately large head and a complete absence of the mouth, nose and eyes! I assume that they communicate with each other telepathically and moved around the countryside as bats, with the help of some biological radar. "

It is possible that the aliens were killed by terrestrial virus to which you did not have immunity. However, not all were killed, the survivors departed. The fact that the area around the cemetery could not find a space ship, nor any of its fragments. The excavation of the area are still ongoing. Anthropologists have not yet reported the exact location of works, but promise to do so as soon as they are completed. The research results will be communicated to the scientific community.

In the mountainous regions of northern China

At the turn of 1937-1938 in a remote mountainous area of Bayan-Kara-Ula, located on the border of Tibet and China, an expedition led by the Beijing Academy of Sciences Professor Chi Pu Thay were found tiny cave-like cell huge hive. They are fragile, no taller than 130 centimeters, skeletons with disproportionately large heads and thin limbs. There were 716 such skeletons.

Characteristically, these caves are preserved drawings of the Sun, Earth, Moon, and some unknown to astronomers of the planet, from which, a gentle curve, avoiding the sun, runs a chain of outlets. It rests on the earth, as if pointing to the route of interplanetary flight.

In the caves there were also strange ceramic discs with a diameter of about 30 cm and a thickness of 8 mm. From the center to the edge of the disc was a spiral path with small cryptic icons. Subsequent analysis showed that once the drives were under the influence of a strong magnetic field.

In the early 60-ies of the last century, another Chinese professor — Tsum Um Nui, partially deciphered inscriptions on the disks. If you believe his explanation, once a group of interplanetary beings who called themselves the "loot", made in the area of Bayan-Kara-Ula landing, they could not take off again and was in extremely harsh edge.

Professor Tsum Um Nui deciphered texts he published the book "History of the spacecraft that existed 12,000 years ago."

This work professor called his colleagues mocking ridicule. Tsum Um Nui went to Japan, where he soon died. And in the chaos of China's "cultural revolution" of these astounding discoveries have simply forgotten.

Fortunately, this problem is nowadays occupied by German archaeologist Walter von Moltke. He recently visited China. "In 1962 made in translation refers to the history of the tribe drop — writes Moltke. — The mysterious inscription told that loot home planet is about Sirius. The aliens have made two trips to Earth — about 20,000 years ago and in 1014 BC. e. During the last expedition ship crashed — and the surviving aliens are not able to leave the planet. "

Moltke believed that at least 12 of the 716 skeletons were directly related to the first space colonists: they were different from the rest of lower growth, larger skulls and deep eye sockets. At the foot of one of them were clear signs of a surgical operation carried out, apparently with the help of a laser.

Drop tribe, who led the origin from a space, not anymore. It is believed that the last representative of his death in 1947. Perhaps the truth is that somewhere in the remote mountainous areas you can still see the people of this tribe …


In one of the tombs of ancient Egypt has long been a mummy was found, which is still being debated among scientists. Mummy has a wide mouth with no tongue, she had no nose, no ears, and the growth is about two and a half meters.

Archaeologist Gaston de Villars found that the age of the mummy is about four thousand years. The deceased was buried as an Egyptian nobleman — carefully mummified and surrounded, as it should be, servants, and supplies of food and art objects designed for the afterlife. "Among the findings — says Villar — turned round polished metal disk covered with strange characters, costume made of metal with the remnants of something resembling plastic shoes, and many stone tablets filled with images of stars, planets and strange machines … The tomb also looked unusual. Stone cut out of the wall so that the walls were smooth, like polished marble. The surface of the stone melted. The tomb is covered with ornaments made of material resembling lead. However, this was not the lead. "

The scientist came to the conclusion that this is probably an alien mummy who died in Egypt. By the way, in the inscriptions relating to the ancient kingdom (ca. 2800 — ca. 2250's. BCE. E.), It is often said about the gods who came down from the sky.


Another "alien mummy" recently discovered Turkish cavers. About ten thousand years ago it was mummified and placed in a transparent coffin. It turned out that this sarcophagus is made of extremely durable shimmering crystalline material unknown on Earth. The growth of the stranger in his lifetime did not exceed 1 meter 20 centimeters. On the body remained pale green skin, male genitalia, and on the sides … large transparent wings — like an insect.

"Despite this unusual appearance — says archaeologist Salim Ternsambay — being more like a human than an animal. Nose, lips, ears, hands, feet, nails resemble human. Only orbits are very different from ours. The size is three times higher than in humans. "

Here are some facts that have become known to scientists. In fact, they should be longer. The aliens were visiting our planet, including in the distant past. And traces of these visits, and even the remains of the alien in some cases preserved.

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