Aliens have kidnapped spouses Voronezh


34-year-old Vladimir Voronezh city of Dubno, Rivne claims that on January 12 this year, his wife was abducted by aliens.

The couple live in a one-story house on a quiet street near the center of the city. Vladimir Voronezh running wrestling coach, 29-year-old Olga — a former salesman. After the birth of her third child a woman is on maternity leave. Brings up a 9-year-old Vanessa, 8-year-old Angelica and 1.5-year-old Arthur.

— Somewhere in nine pm on January 12 I went home, — says Vladimir. — He saw in the sky hovering over the river as if three bullets. I thought my companions.

The man took off objects on a mobile. The picture shows a bright streak. Vladimir home photo showed his wife.

— We had dinner and went to bed — continues to coach. — At two in the morning I woke Olga. Says get up, something on the house lights!

Rushed into the street: a woman threw on a bathrobe, Vladimir — a T-shirt and shorts.

— At 100 meters above the house hung like a platform. From it flowed white-violet light, — says Olga. — We were so scared that they could not move. We pulled in a spiral inside the platform.

The couple claimed that they were surrounded by a dozen creatures an increase of about 1.20 m humanoids have had three fingers, big eyes and a smooth gray skin.

— The mouth, nose or ears they have not noticed, — says Vladimir. — And instead of legs there were many small suction cups, like a caterpillar.

Man paints on paper a few figures in overalls. Behind them is another humanoid — rising more than 2 meters instead of clothes he had a long robe, his face is not visible.

— The wife took the other half of the room, and laid on the couch — Vladimir nervously twirling a pencil between his fingers. — I rushed to her, but ran into an invisible wall.

Voronezh says it has applied several martial arts techniques to get free. But for newcomers it had no effect.

— Aliens have asked why resist — says the man. — Their words rang in my head. And they looked me in the eye, were not aggressive or angry.

Under hypnosis, a resident of Dubno, Rivne Oblast Vladimir Voronezh painted a UFO to abduct him and his wife

Under hypnosis, a resident of Dubno, Rivne Oblast Vladimir Voronezh painted a UFO to abduct him and his wife
Vladimir says that the voice in his head was no accent, no voice. The aliens 'talk' to him in Ukrainian, sometimes surzhik.

— So, as we say in Dubno, I tell myself — says the man. — As if the words were taken out of what I know. Unfamiliar terms are not heard. If they could not explain something is, in my head there is a picture. For example, their society is like an anthill — everyone has a clear role performed.

Olga humanoids only indicated where to go.

— There were polite, called me "you" — says the woman. — They asked me how I feel, it does not hurt to.

Olga belly cut with a scalpel. Studied the internal organs, then sewed. Scars left. Only occasionally is the inner pain.

— The pain is not felt. On the contrary, were calm and relaxed — says the woman. — As if being tested. Husband does not cut — he had appointed to head up some.

The couple said that they were offered sex with strangers. They refused.

— My wife threw a tantrum — laughing Vladimir. — I also refused, because my "partner" was too scary.

Voronezh communicate with the aliens. They told me that came from a neighboring galaxy — "Andromeda". Coach offered to stay with them.

— They do not eat or drink, live underground, — says the man. — We are interesting to them, because we have a feeling — fear, anger, love, joy. Do aliens do not. Another said that the people and the cows were brought to Earth from other planets.

Humanoids released spouses and promised to return in two years.

— We woke up in his bed at 11am. Lay down on the blanket — continues Olga. — To feel overwhelmed, as if the car unloaded. Head ached.

— A few days even among themselves not talk about it — adds Vladimir. — I think that mad or dreaming. They remembered a little, but our stories were the same.

Olga says that after the abduction said in his ability to sober down a little too drunk:

— I put my hand on his forehead and hold for 2-3 minutes. Experienced friends. They say that helps.

Vladimir says that he became more nimble:

— It is easier to perform complex jumps with turns, the muscles are not stretched. The skin is much rougher.

A man from the kitchen brings a big sharp knife. Several times by holding bare stomach. On the skin marks are not visible.

— And now I will try to drive the needle Gypsy — continues.

Drives the needle into the biceps and squeezes her muscles. On the body — not a scratch.

— Nothing else has changed, — says Olga. — But still want to undergo a full medical examination. Suddenly there was stitched to the skin.

In late February, Voronezh, Vladimir went to Kiev to be examined by ufologists — specialists who study the abnormal phenomenon. Under hypnosis, drew a UFO to abduct him.

— Vladimir's telling the truth, and he is not alone — says Stepanov. — I worked with Alexander from Odessa. He describes similar feelings and actions. Earthlings taken and examined by humanoids. Often after kidnapping people manifest psychic abilities — clairvoyance, telepathy and the like.

In Britain, discovered secret documents about UFOs

UK Ministry of Defence has opened up access to classified material about unidentified flying objects. In the documents there is evidence of meetings with British and abductions by aliens humanoids.
The Vatican said it did not deny the existence of x is the planetary civilizations. Belief in UFOs is not contrary to the Christian religion. They say that the universe is big, and people can not know whether God created other beings.

Elena Vlasova

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