All aliens — brothers?


The Catholic Church through the mouth of the Vatican's chief astronomer recognized the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrials. Sensation or progress? Whatever it was, in essence, the traditional religion took a very long time to admit that on other planets could support life.

"ET — my brother" — this was a revolutionary title in the Vatican newspaper published an interview with the chief astronomer of the Roman Catholic Church. Father Jose Gabriel Funes, head of the Vatican Observatory, said that it admits the possibility of life on other planets and in space that can inhabit other intelligent beings created by God. According to the 45-year-old priest, the search of extraterrestrial life does not contradict belief in God. Moreover, Funes did not rule out that some of the aliens, if they exist, can be free from original sin.

Note that traditionally Catholic Church, especially the part of it that too literally interpreted the biblical version of the origin of the world disapproved of the idea of the existence of extraterrestrial worlds.
It should be borne in mind that the words of Funes, despite its location and the fact that they appeared in the official publication of the Vatican, it's still not there until the end of the official point of view of the Holy See.

Previous head of the observatory's father, George Coyne, said to have been sent by the Pope in 2006, largely due to the resignation of the position which he held astronomer in the debate about evolution. Sam Benedict XVI is a consistent supporter of the idea of "intelligent design," according to which life is created and developed thanks to the Creator. So the question arises, do not go out there saying about aliens Funes him sideways. On the other hand, his performance in the press — a clear manifestation of the ongoing trend of Vatican policy. In recent years, the Roman Catholic Church is trying to bridge the gap between religion and science, trying to prove to the world that between faith in God and scientific knowledge there are no contradictions. Moreover, religion and science need each other (this, by the way, is directly mentioned in his interview, and Jesuit Funes). It is significant that in the future the Catholic Church arranges a conference dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the author of the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin.


Catholic priest in Moscow, Sergei Nikulenko father: "As a specialist in the field of astronomy and kosmogoniki Father Funes may well express their views on the existence of life on other planets. If he had not touched the theological question of original sin, one could take his hypothesis. The Catholic Church has never pronounced on this issue. As a scientist, naturalist Father Funes has the right to build any hypothesis, but it does not have the right to build the theological concept of the existence of beings who supposedly did not fall into original sin. The right to such hypotheses belongs only to the fullness of the Catholic Church.

Rev. Igor Vyzhanov, secretary for inter-Christian relations DECR ROC:

It is difficult to speak on behalf of the whole Church, as private abstract character is the question. That said chief Vatican astronomer — is his personal opinion, which may be more or less interesting, but that has nothing to do with the Christian dogma. Before dogma is a question of saving the human soul.

I think if we ask about the serious theologians, both Orthodox and Catholic, they split up. Some say the existence of extraterrestrial life is possible, how can we deny the creative power of God? Others — that earthly life is unique. But it is quite immaterial to the question of the Church, the question is not even a science, as a simple curiosity.

Rabbi Zinovy Kogan, "The Lord — the root cause of all that exists in the micro-and macrocosm. Do not be ruled out that other worlds exist in other beings like humans. The Jews considered the original sin as one of the events that allowed the creation of Adam to become a man. The fruit of the tree of knowledge, which tore Eve and Adam gave a taste, do not forget to give them the capability to distinguish between good and evil. The aliens, if they exist, should be similar to us. Fruit that tasted of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, the first people, of course, a metaphor. But the metaphor, full of deep meaning. A person can not commit sin, it is an integral essence of human nature. Therefore, I believe that no other living beings, if they are created by God, also had to taste the fruit of the tree of knowledge. "

Imam-Khatib of Hazrat Rushan Abbyasov: "According to the Holy Quran Allah says about the creation of different worlds. We know the world of men, jinns, plants and animals. Something, perhaps, we do not know. Creator can create any creation. Those worlds are not available to us, can be populated by other beings. 2nd verse 1st verses of the Koran says: "Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds", confirming the possibility of the existence of other civilizations. As for him, fell aliens in original sin or not, in Islam there is no concept of original sin. Moreover, the Qur'an teaches that if a baby dies, he goes to heaven, as pure and sinless. "

It so happened that the material in the Vatican newspaper about aliens roughly coincided with the information that the British Ministry of Defence for the first time declassified archival material about UFOs. These are the documents (mainly descriptions of unidentified objects seen by the British), relating to the period from 1978, until 1987. Author of a message, for example, said he met with aliens in 1983 in central England. According to him, the aliens had him on board their ship and asked how old he was. When he learned that he is 78, they replied: "You can go. You're too old and sick to our goals. "


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