Allergy. Requiem for a living? watch online

Allergy.  Requiem for a living?  watch online
Most of the allergy is considered completely safe illness. Runny nose, tears, itching, cough — that's all they know about it, many of us. People do not realize that allergy kills. And kills in a moment. It comes as an intruder, and only waiting for the moment to strike its own dangerous shot. Allergic real boom came in the second half of XX and beginning of XXI century. Man released from the tube to light millions of previously unknown molecules. And many of these substances have become a prerequisite for someone's allergies and, perhaps, death. Moreover, allergies began to cause even the one for which there is no matter. Neuzh there is no method to protect against allergies? Neuzh then we are destined to live in the unending horror of it, not knowing whom tomorrow she will choose to be a victim?

Medicine, Biology, Anatomy

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