American scientists have gathered to print organs

The liver, kidneys and heart will soon be played with one click "print."

After years of experiments, American scientists were able to create a bio-printer. In contrast, the office equipment, the device gives no sheets with the text, and consumables for the human body. Instead of ink unit is filled with a special mixture of stem cells.

Choose the desired program, press "print" and after a couple of hours at the exit appear artery, pieces of skin, cartilage, and even full-fledged internal organs. Print speed is not that big, but in the long term is a unique technology allows to create almost any biological spare part, up to the eyes and teeth. If it is a fiction, it is very, very scientific.

Anthony Atala, director of the Institute for Regenerative Medicine:"Print bodies have to create a cocktail of cells to try different types over and over. But success is guaranteed if the correct sequence to achieve. "

And this is — a prototype. Biologists have managed to publish the most current rat heart. Instance to be so high quality that it live guinea animals. And rodent feels great. In humans has not yet experimented. But according to scientists, printing complex human organs — only a matter of time. Is projected to a revolutionary breakthrough in medicine, when donor transplants are no longer a deficit remained for five years. However, patients with burns bioprinter can help now. Printed skin obtained no worse artificial sweeteners.

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American scientists working in the field of regenerative medicine, have completed the first stage of a multi-year study to develop "bioprintera." The latest device operates on the same principle as a standard office printer. Only instead of the text and pictures it prints bodies News reported.

The main difference between the printer and the paper bioprinterom is that instead of the ink cartridges are the latest invention to fill a complex mixture of stem cells from human or animal. The device is designed for "printing" tissue, skin patches, spinal discs, knee cartilage, and even full bodies. Of course, part of the living body are printed much slower than the text on the paper, but scientists say that the production of human tissues have bioprintera takes only a few hours.

At the moment, the biologists involved in regenerative medicine, managed print rat heart, which was successfully implanted in laboratory animals. Scientists say that the ability to print complex human bodies (such as the kidneys and liver) — only a matter of time. According to experts, a new breakthrough in regenerative medicine can be made over the next three to five years.

However, biologists say that their invention could benefit people today. For example, the latest bioprintere can print pieces of leather, which is much easier life for people affected by burns. Doctors hope that soon the long lines at the graft would be history. At this point in the U.S. transplant donor organs requires 110,000 people.


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