Andrei Poczobut and prosecutors protest

The Minsk City Court within 15 hours of the appeal court will return to court fined Hrodna journalist Andrei Poczobut. He was punished for 1,750,000 rubles for being at the Independence Square in the capital on December 19.

Prosecutor's Office October district of Minsk the sentence was not satisfied, and it sent a protest to the court in October, which fined the journalist.

Andrew Pochobut — correspondent of the Polish "Gazety Wyborczej", lives in Grodno. December 19 he performed his journalistic duties, but he was captured and held overnight in a paddy wagon. Thereafter He was taken to court, but released. However, it later KGB took him out of the house and was taken to the capital for trial. The specific content of the protest in October prosecutor journalist until recently, and it remained unknown.

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