Angkor — Wat. Pearl of ancient Asia Watch online

Angkor - Wat.  Pearl of ancient Asia Watch online
Cambodian city of Angkor, impressive in scale complex of stone temples have been abandoned by people over 500 years ago. Pearl the town, its most great temple Angkor-Wat — a huge stone map of the universe and one of the most amazing creations of mankind. In 1858, a young French naturalist Henri muons, winning one in the jungle temple after another, suddenly found themselves in the bush Hidden City Angkor. Muon was the most exciting description of the mysterious and romantic ruins Asia. It took another 50 years before it was published chronicles the lost civilization of Cambodia — the scientists found a diary Dagouna Zhou, the Chinese envoy XIII century. This document depict the magnificent Angkor at the zenith of his fame — populous metropolis city dazzling wealth of powerful royal princes and exotic customs.

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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