Animal forecasters Phil, Paul, Heidi and other

The most famous soothsayer in animals is the groundhog Phil, who lives in the small town of Punxsutawney in western Pennsylvania in the United States.

Considered if the groundhog got out of the house after hibernation, sees his shadow, there will be sunny day, he goes to bed for six weeks. If no shadow — spring is around the corner. Every year February 2 Groundhog Day exactly twenty-five minutes past seven in the morning Phil pulled out of mink, and he makes his prediction.

Scientists call now about 600 animal species and 400 plant species that mogutvystupat as barometers, indicators, temperature and humidity, forecasters storms, storms or good cloudless weather.
Animals learned to clog the cracks and holes to escape the tornado, storms and tornadoes, they leave the dangerous territory in time before the tsunami, floods and earthquakes.

Accurately determine weather creepers. These fish are usually inactive, but before the bad weather starts to rush back? Forward, rising to the surface of the water at 10? 15 times per minute. Also behave before the storm with thunder leeches, bleak, and catfish. This is due primarily to the change (in this case lower) atmospheric pressure, and the oxygen concentration falls in the water, which is naturally a concern aquatic animals, they rise to the surface, where there is more oxygen.

In freshwater crayfish before rain crawl ashore. A similar picture can be seen in the sea. If small crabs, hermit crabs, shrimps went ashore — means to be a storm.
Frogs in a few hours before the rain screaming hysterically — croak. Seagulls waiting for the storm cease to fly, with a loud squeak walk along the beach and all kind raise the alarm, and sometimes buried in sand. Petrels, justifying its name ahead of time to change the route of its long-haul flights in anticipation of the storm and pressed to the bank.
Even when the sky is clear ants quickly close all the entrances to the nest. Bees stop flying for nectar of flowers, sitting in the hive and beeping. Trying to escape before the storm and the butterfly rash. If you can not see the flowers, then a few hours later will rain.

Differently than usual start to behave, many animals before earthquakes. But unlike the weather extreme weather events, in anticipation of underground beats they are hiding in their shelters, but rather get out of them into the open.

For example, the Sierra mountain goats? Nevada for a few days before the tremors of magnitudes greater than 5 down from the mountain pastures into the valley. Just respond to the approach of tremors and other residents of the mountains — from the forests go foxes and wolves. Ulegshiesya hibernation marmots on the day before the earthquake suddenly wake up and crawl out of their holes. Similarly behave earthworms, which, despite the lowering of the temperature, in large quantities of soil creep.

The cases when the hour? Two before the earthquake, pets are also beginning to behave unusually.

Scientists observing the behavior of animals were observed as early as 328 BC. e. The ancient philosopher, wrote: "A few days before the earthquake that devastated the city in Greece Gelikos, moles, weasels, echidnas and centipedes out of the holes and turned into a rout …"

In Chile, before the earthquake in 1835, every single dog left town Talkuano.

In 1902, long before the eruption of Mont? Pelee on the island of Martinique in the Caribbean Sea, sensing the approach of the disaster, from the town in September? Pierre flew all the birds, frogs and snakes are gone, and then the dog with cats. Volcano thirty seconds completely destroyed the city.

Shortly before the earthquake, May 5, 1976 in the Italian province of Friuli cats began feverishly make kittens from their homes, and the dogs whirled yuloy in chains, and howling incessantly.

12 hours before the earthquake in Morocco at the end of February 1980 dogs and cats began to run out of the houses on the street, and even completely indifferent to everything camels hurried to leave the villages.

But in China in February 1975 due to unusual animal behavior could save tens of thousands of people. In late 1974 — early 1975, Chinese scientists began to receive regular reports from the province of Liaoning, which has always had a high seismic activity, the unusual behavior of troubled animals. Snakes wake up from hibernation, crawled into the snow and freezing, disappeared from their homes, all cats, horses broke the stall in the stables and cow butting and pushing yourself to milk.

And then it was taken the unprecedented decision to evacuate the city Haychen, which in February 1975 was completely wiped out by a catastrophic earthquake of magnitude 7.0. The earthquake had destroyed 90% of the city's buildings.
In the history of seismology, it is virtually the only earthquake that could be predicted. Accurate forecasts and early adopted the City of measures helped reduce losses to a minimum. The earthquakes of such force usual death toll reaches 100 thousand people, and the number of victims of the earthquake in 1328 was Haychene people.

After the Spitak earthquake in Armenia, which occurred in 1988, has become widely known story of Alice and her husky owner Garibyanom of Leninakan. Morning of December 7, two hours before the earthquake, the owner brought the dog for a walk, but back in the house to return Alice refused, eerie howling and barking. Just in case Garibyan decided to pull out of the house for his family and offered to do the same neighbors. And for good reason, since it is the time of the city and collapsed element. Before that Garibyan lived twenty years in Kamchatka, and from there moved the husky, who saved the life of his family.

Sensitive to approaching thunderstorms and underground cats. History knows many cases when on the eve of an earthquake or volcanic eruption, they do not hesitate to leave their hosts went out of town and returned only after the disaster.

But there were times when the cat saved its owners who live in earthquake-prone areas, the best of any instrument defining the approach of an earthquake, volcanic eruption or tsunami. This story takes place in 1944 in Italy, when the cat saved his masters, "warning" about the beginning of the eruption of Vesuvius. He did not want to stay at home and do not eat, and at night the owner was scratching his face. During the Second World War, the bombing, the cats often saved their owners. Similar cases have been in all the belligerent countries. Before the bombing in cats fur stood on end, they made a hissing sound, howling, and some rushed straight to the next shelter. At the slightest sign of anxiety in cats owners quickly gathered and fled to shelters. This ability of cats was so valuable that in Europe, was established with a special medal engraved on it the words: "We also serve the motherland." The medal was given to cats who saved the greatest number of lives.

The cat is generally considered a special animal. According to popular belief, it feels all sorts of changes — both to the good and to the thin one. They say that by watching a cat, you can predict the weather, the arrival of guests, the impending illness or misfortune.

On the rare gift of a cat named Oscar, who lives in a nursing home of the U.S. state of Rhode Island, said in his book, Professor Brown University USA David Dosa. Kotpredskazyvaet death and rarely makes mistakes. He lies down on the bed a few hours before the patient will make his last breath, and begins to purr loudly. If the cat is not allowed in the house, where the dying man, he begins to scratch the door and ask for it.

History tells us a lot of facts, when the animals had the gift of foresight. For example, a cocker named Jersey grabbed the trousers of his master, when he was going to his friend to fly in his private jet. Usually quietest dog whined and growled menacingly. And when the owner is still going away, bit him in the leg, causing a serious anger the whole family. The next morning it was reported that his friend died in a plane: hit a rock.

Was a case where a cat sleeping on the back seat of the car, suddenly woke up and jumped into the front seat and bit his owner's hand. She was forced to stop, and then a huge tree fallen on the road just at the point where at the time would have been the machine, if not stopped moving.

Some animals are sometimes manifested quite extraordinary abilities.

For example, in the German city of Oberhausen lived in the aquarium octopus Paul, who could be called a true oracle of wildlife. It was used in totalizatorskih purposes. In 2008, during the European Football Championship, Paul began to predict the results of the team's matches in Germany. Then the accuracy of his predictions was 80%. Paul correctly predicted the outcome of four of the five games the German national team. Octopus was wrong in predicting the results of the final match, he gave preference to the Germans, and won the Spanish team.

In 2010, Paul became famous for his infallible predictions during the FIFA World Cup, held in South Africa. He predicted the outcome of all seven matches of the German national team, twice courted her defeat, and prophesied the championship team in Spain.

Prediction procedure is as follows. In the aquarium Paul lowered the two boxes with the flags of teams that had to play. In each of the boxes lying shellfish, which feed Paul. Octopus chose food from one of them. As a result, the match winner is the team whose flag was pictured on the box, selected Paul. In October 2010, the octopus is dead.

Inspired by the success of Paul heads Zoo Leipzig, Germany decided to do the oracle of the cross-eyed opossum female named Heidi. In February 2011, Heidi "guess" of the two winners of the film award "Oscar". Popular in Germany Heidi showed the U.S. show Jimmy Kimmel Live! TV channel ABC. Of the proposed statues with pictures of actors Heidi chose figures with portraits Natalie Portman and Colin Firth. Portman and Firth actually won an award for best female and male roles in the films "Black Swan" (Black Swan) and Darren Aronofsky's "The King's Speech" (The King's Speech) Tom Hooper.
The winner of the "Best Film" Heidi, but guess not — instead of tape, "The King's Speech" "fortune teller," said the film "127 Hours."
In September 2011, Heidi, whose age is three and a half years, has died.

In July 2011, at the World Cup of women in Germany Nelly the elephant nature park of Serengeti in Hodenhagen (Lower Saxony) predicted outcomes of all matches the German team, including housewives championship defeat in the quarterfinal match of the Japanese team. His choice of insight elephant did this: next to each other put two gates, indicating the opposing team, and Nellie tried to get to them giving it the ball. In any gate flew the ball, and the team lost.

In New Zealand, there was his oracle — sheep named Sonny Wool. She predicted the New Zealand national team victory in the final of the Rugby World Cup in October 2011. Sonny Wool during the tournament chose the feeder with the New Zealand flag, and the final was no exception. Divination ceremony was held in the capital, Wellington. The owner Sonny sure — thanks lamb Zealanders victories.

In Ukraine, the predictions of the results of matches of the European Football Championship in 2012 engaged boar named Funtikiz Kiev, which made its forecasts for corn sticks, and ferret Frediz Kharkov, choose between two bowls of fresh beef and flags of countries participating in the game.

In Russia, too, has its own animal-tellers. Making progress in the predictions Belorukov gibbon Sonia, who lives in Nizhny Novgorod zoo "Limpopo". The day before the home match of the local football club "Volga" with CSKA Sonia correctly guessed the outcome, pulling a banana with the name of the visiting team. CSKA won 2-0.

In addition to Sony, the Nizhny Novgorod zoo predictions engaged groundhog Olesya. It is several years now correctly predicts the time of onset of spring in the region.

Raccoon Jem, who lives in Tula Exotarium, became popular among the residents of Tula once named among the finalists of the European Football Championship Italy and Spain. Jams prediction came true, but again as he successfully forecast the final match she refused — she was tired of people's attention, and she did not want to come out of the cage. In early July 2012 at the jam appeared in his microblog Twitter.

The material is based on the RIA Novosti and open source

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