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A series of "Logos"

Want to start, of course, with the classics, and the role of the most classic series Belarusian first claim "Logos." Despite the fact that this is not the first one (because only founded in 1996), and perhaps not even the most extensive collection of books, and the composition of authors who published it, and the very design of publications speaks in favor of this choice. Books "Belarusian knigosbor" comes in three colors: purple edition — actually Belarusian literature, green — the classic historical, journalistic, philology and other works, the blue (and so far the most numerous) — translation of foreign literature. This approach demonstrates a desire to embrace the drafters possible more dosyts mosaic material and collect harmonious collection.

Some works are still just did not stand out, and if they were given, then find their could only in archives or libraries.

The value of many volumes of "The Belarusian knigosbor", among other things, in their uniqueness — some works still just did not stand out, and if issued, then they can be found only in archives and libraries, and even then not all. However, some editions of the series for a long time themselves become rare books and are not even on the second-hand book shelves. And the younger generation of readers is looking forward to their re-release.

A series of "Voice of the Fatherland"

Next to the classic "Logos" and would like to mention a whole new series based only This year,, — a series of "Voice of the Fatherland," which was published by the publishing house "Limarius" and consists of two volumes while Larissa Heniyush and adnatomnika Olesya Nightingale (both invested Michael Skoblo), as well as favorite Vladimir Duditskaya (compiled by Lavon Jurevich). Despite the fact that the first edition of the series — it's the work of Larissa Heniyush who also published in "Power" (though not complete), it is already clear that the format of the series will be different. First, this suggests its very design, is not trivial for our printing, and secondly, the selection of authors — Alexander Soloviev, Vladimir Dudichsky — indicates, that the drafters of interested writers, not a spoiled attention of domestic publishers. So we can hope that we will see even a lot of interesting things.

A series of "Treasures of the world literature"

Translated literature we came out far less than Belarusian, but there are a number of very interesting series of "Literary piggy bank", "Library of foreign prose", "Poetry of the world», «Littera scripta» and others. As in the case of the national literature, one can determine the most classic collection — a series of "Treasures of the world literature." And although it is not the first, not the richest or even the most interesting in terms of design registration, many of the works which have made so significant and so in demand that they have long been sold out: to find these books is almost impossible, even in used books.

Find these books is almost impossible, even in used books.

This "adventurers Symplitsysimus" Hans Jakob Krystofelya Grymelsgavzena (trans. W. Trinity), and "Poems and Ballads. Drama "by Friedrich Schiller (ukl. Lavon Barshcheuski), and" Dr. Favstus "by Thomas Mann (trans. W. Trinity), and" the sonnet. Tragedies "by William Shakespeare (AC VI. Dubovka, C. Nettles, Yu Gavruk) and many others. But I must say that if the actual number of new Belarusian series grows with each passing year, this translated literature can not boast, so let's hope that very soon with the next series of the most classic of this type we have to vacate the place and on the shelf for the richest series translated literature.

Anthology Michael Scoble

One can argue on the subject, there are two anthologies, nested Michael Skoblo — "Beauty and Power" (2003) and "Voices from the horizon" (2008) — a series. In my opinion, these two tomes — not just a book series, but one of the most interesting series that just came out of the Belarusian printing houses. In fact, it is an attempt to sum up all that we have today in two areas of literature: poetry and poetic translation, summarizing results, and even in some sense an art katalyagizatsyya material. Interested in this series and the fact that it is very strong author, or rather the beginning ukladalnitski Michael Scoble, not only selected the material, but also wrote biographies of all the poets and translators — and in these biographies we see not only the poets and translators, but also the actual investor. This is a rather interesting experiment with the author's anthology, which, in my opinion, deserves to continue. However, the publishing house "Logvinov" has announced the publication of "private library" Valentine Akudovich (possibly on the way, another interesting series!). As for the series Michael Scoble, it looks quite complete and balanced — think of it going on, it seems quite difficult.

A series of "Library of the French drama"

All series, as mentioned above, can be attributed to the universal in the material, which seek to cover the drafters. Vuzkaspetsyyalnyh series we have a little bit, and as an example, perhaps, the same narrow literary series can be called "the Library of French drama." Of course, we went out, and other extremely interesting narrow series such as "The Czech Collection" or "Gallery of human thought," but even they — rather broad compared to the "Library of the French drama": it includes not only the product of: a) transfers, and b) the twentieth century, but that and: a) belong to French literature, g) namely drama. Interesting, too, the principle of infusion is a series of books: the first volume includes works by contemporary authors at all, in the second — the works of French writers — Nobel Prize winners in the third — play members of the French Academy. We can only guess writers whose works could reach the fourth volume in the series, unless, of course, the series is still open and will be continued. Despite a very modest design, this series shows that our understanding of foreign cultures reached a new level, and it is hoped that over time in bookstores will be more such series, such as "The best works of English Romanticism", "Golden century Dutch poetry "," European epics, "etc.


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