Announcement: Tree options for the European Union

What is the ruling on sanctions against Belarus will take the European Union? How it will affect the situation in Belarus: Authorities released or pardoned all political prisoners, some, no? What are the possible policy options for the European Union? What fate awaits the Belarusian civil society?

On these issues in the "Prague accent" talk-in-chief editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Kalinkina, director of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies Vitaly Silitski and German political scientist Sean Martin.

Transmission listen to Sunday, January 30, 18 hours.
And now we offer you the pieces of gear.

Kalinkina: The European Union can not limit political statements … Have experience of effective sanctions against Belarus, there was a time when, thanks to the sanctions we have no political prisoners … Release of political prisoners sanctions can achieve … State propaganda says that all repented and asked Filaret in the name of harmony in the country, Alexander G. gave permission to release them under house arrest on condition that they leave the country

Silitski: At one time, the sanctions against the Republic of South Africa joined whole world. Here and half of the world do not join … Before the middle this year start talking about what the sanctions do not work … The question of the election is already buried. Already a condition for the resumption of dialogue — only the release of political prisoners. Whatever it may be unpleasant, but the election is almost forgiven him.

Sean: The main problem in deciding on sanctions will be effective … Greater economic opportunities pressure on the regime I do not see … In the logic of the Lukashenko give up now — it's losing face … Release of political prisoners — is in principle acceptable condition for Lukashenko, but not right now … There is a disturbance in the European Union, in Germany, but here a different political culture.

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