Argus II — first bionic eye

Argus II — The latest development of the U.S. company Second Sight Medical Products. This is nothing like the first in the world artificial bionic eye. He will "return" vision even totally blind people. Most importantly, during the test period, 1 year, all subjects had only positive results.

Work on the Argus II, as called by the authors, the scientists took a year of research. The implant was released in the laboratory of the U.S. company Second Sight Medical Products. But the invention has already earned the endorsement of the Europeans.

The apparatus operates as follows: the photoreceptor cells convert light entering the eye in a pulse which goes to the brain via the optic nerve. To do this, bio-retina eyes were embedded electrodes 60.

Clinical trials have been conducted, which involved 30 people aged 28 to 77 years, all of them were completely blind. The success of each was strictly individual, someone that helped to a greater extent in someone smaller. But the important thing is that we found out the developers — the eye actually works.

Americans expect to make his invention public.
"This is the first bionic eye that can get on the world market. We already have happy patients, which helped the invention, at least partially restore vision. It's amazing, but some of them even read the newspaper, "- said the head of the manufacturer of Brian Mack.
Argus II, in particular, is designed to help people with retinitis pigmentosa. It is a rare inherited disorder in which the state of the retina slowly but progressively deteriorates, causing blindness. In the U.S. alone suffer from this disease about 100 thousand people.

Mack also said that the Argus II is already available in several European countries at the price of € 73 million apiece. In the United States, he said, he is likely to be more expensive.

The next step will be the creation of developers a more advanced version of the bionic eye, with a lot of micro-implants and, as a consequence, a higher resolution.



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